12 Days of Christmas 2011 – #06 – azusa

Amagami SS may have been mediocre, but it had a great singer for its openings.  She was called azusa and soon became one of my favorite Japanese artists (not that I know about too many though).

So far, she has only sung the openings for Amagami SS (and soon the second season), her debut, and Moshidora and also the ending for Astarotte no Omocha! She has a couple of singles besides all this, but is a fairly new artist who has only been around for a year. Before going for a solo career, she was in a group called Sparkling Point.

From the very second I heard her voice I fell in love with it. I do not know any musical terms for her music, but it is very catchy and her voice very soothing. It is a great combination. It falls under the pop category, which is fine by me.

Even if all the anime she has sung for are mediocre, her music makes me remember them. Amagami SS and Moshidora may not have been too special, but when I think back I remember happy thoughts. It is as if azusa makes any anime good in memory. I can only imagine her music in a good show. It would be lovely.

Here are some songs:

i Love by azusa. Her debut. Amagami SS Opening 1.

Yume Note by azusa. Moshidora Opening.

Precious Time by azusa.

8 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2011 – #06 – azusa

  1. Kai says:

    I think Amagami SS is great though @.@
    And I agree she is a pretty good singer^^

  2. bobbierob says:

    Great job in mentioning Moshidora! I think that it was a great show, and deserves at least more mention around the community.

    Anyway, bit Azusa fan here, my favourite is the second OP to Amagami SS.

  3. Nopy says:

    She has a nice voice. It’s great how anime gets all these good singers, unlike western tv.

    • Marow says:

      There are rarely any good openings here to be honest. I guess they aren’t bad, but so boring and doesn’t do the show justice. Feels like an excuse, really.

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