12 Days of Christmas 2011 – #03 – Re-watching some favorites

Re-watching is actually more fun than I initially thought.

I have never been a huge fan of re-watching movies, shows and such. I believe that your first encounter with something is the moment to treasure, especially if you want to judge it. When you watch something a second time, a lot of impact is lost and it will never ever be exactly as your first experience. You lose your innocence.

However, this year I decided to re-watch two of my favorite shows, one which you must already be aware of since I am currently blogging about it (speaking of that, the last post will come after the “12 Days”-spectacle, I do not want to drag it out). Yes, the first one is Toradora. But the second one? Eureka Seven!

It was not too long ago since I first watched Toradora, probably around two years, so I still have it fairly fresh in mind. With Eureka Seven, however, it must be roughly five years ago or so! That is a long time.

My reason for re-watching them is quite simple: to see if I still enjoy them as much as I did when I first watched them. Or, somewhere within myself, there might be the hope of rekindling that special feeling from the first viewing. A case of sudden nostalgia, you might call it.

And this is where I admit defeat: it is fun to re-watch. As predicted, it will never be as the first time. But instead, it will be a new type of experience! When you already know the story (hm, I had forgotten a lot in Eureka Seven though), your attention is directed towards other things, such as the details and the characters. It feels very rewarding to be honest and not too disappointing when you find flaws you did not notice the first time. It certainly adds another layer to something you already loved.

With that said, I am still far from finishing them. It takes a lot more time to re-watch for some reason, which might be because I know what will happen. But no matter what, it really is fun to re-watch! But I will never agree with people judging shows after their second watch. Do not get me wrong, I do it myself. What I mean is that you shall not forget that you notice things you normally do not in your first viewing. You have to take this into account.

Have you re-watched something this year?

8 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2011 – #03 – Re-watching some favorites

  1. seer says:

    I just finished my rewatch of Toradora, as well. Right on time for the extra episode that came out on video! It’s probably the first TV anime I have sit through twice in its entirety, and I’d say it was worth it. The benefit of knowing where the plot leads, plus the maturity one purportedly gains through age, definitely allows for a different level of understanding of the characters and their situations.

    Eureka Seven, though, is one show I never got around to seeing even once. But now, with the approaching sequel, I will probably try to. Or I might just cheat and check out the movie…

    • Marow says:

      I am really looking forward to that new special. I have been hyping ot ever since I heard of the Bluray box. I was worried that the box itself was only a fake rumour, as there was a long period of no information about it, but luckily I was proven wrong. 🙂

      The movie of Eureka Seven is not a recap, so do not watch it! What the story of the movie is, is up to the viewer to decide. You can view it from different angles if you want. Some may claim it’s just the story done another way, but some may say other… check out the TV show!

  2. feal87 says:

    Seitokai Yakuindomo! That anime is always funny to re-watch! 😛

  3. AceRailgun says:

    I remember the second time I watch Toradora I was picking up on all the subtle stuff. It seems that you can notice some of the finer details when you watch stuff a second time.
    Plus if the gap is as big as five years between viewings you can pick up on mature stuff you missed when you were younger.

    • Marow says:

      I love when movie makers create movies that can be enjoyed as a child, but only fully appreciated as a grown-up. You see new themes you didn’t do before. Pixar are a great example of this, especially with Toy Story 3 which was aimed towards the people who watched the first two movies as children.

      Pixar in my heart 😀

  4. Nopy says:

    I wish I had time to rewatch series, but I always seem to have a backlog of unwatched anime so I end up going through those first. With your posts on Toradora though, I may just make an exception this Christmas since I really want to rewatch it now.

    • Marow says:

      That is also a reason as to why I don’t re-watch stuff. You could do as me, watch every now and then. I haven’t watched Eureka Seven in over a week now!

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