12 Days of Christmas 2011 – #02 – Starting a Blog

You knew this post was inevitable.

In only four days more days I will celebrate my two-month anniversary of blogging. So far, it has been a rather successful blog in my opinion. It has not been world-breaking, but it has been a really fun time.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who reads Anime Viking! Even more so to you who comment! It is you who makes blogging fun! Without readers, it would not even be half as fun as it is. Even just one tiny comment, however trivial it may be, can make even the worst of days great! Only you other bloggers must understand what I mean. So do not be shy when reading a blog; post a comment! I am sure many other bloggers will appreciate it too!

Now, onto some serious questions I want to ask everyone. This is regarding the blog.

What do you feel should be improved?
What type of posts do you want me to focus on?
Is my weekly frequency good?
Is my use of language too simple (personally, I believe this is a good thing)?
How do you find me as a person?

And any other thing you feel you want to tell me!

But before I forget.

Do you know what date it is?

24th of December?

Merry Christmas to you all!

I wish you a great time!

15 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2011 – #02 – Starting a Blog

  1. inushinde says:

    It’s not really a complaint with your blog, but your writing style can come across as a bit stilted or choppy at times. Your grammar and word choice aren’t bad at all, but the sentence structure doesn’t flow as well as it could.That’s about all that I think you can improve on, and it’s definitely something that comes with experience, so the most important thing still is to practice practice practice.

    As for your posts, I’ve enjoyed your editorial pieces thus far, so keep those coming with good frequency. Really, just keep a pace that you feel comfortable with. If you think you can post a bit more, then step up your game. If usually posting every week or so is what you’re comfortable with, then keep it going as is. The most important thing is to keep it a habit without burning yourself out, and I have no right to tell you to strain yourself.

    As a person, from what I’ve seen (Which is admittedly little aside from what you’ve posted here and in my comments), you seem pretty down to earth and straightforward, with enough occasional teasing to keep you from coming across as boring. I can honestly say that I’d like to get to know you a bit better judging from what I’ve seen here, since I think we share some common ground. And if that’s satisfactory in regards to your query, I’ll see myself out now. If you want details on any of the things I’ve told you here, let me know.

    And most importantly of all, Merry Christmas.

    • Marow says:

      Thank you, I’ll try to keep the structure in mind! Usually that is my least problem in school, but hey, different platforms. 🙂

      Once again, thank you!

  2. AceRailgun says:

    Your sentence structure is always important and to begin with it is very hard to get just right. I found reading something again can help fix any flow issues.

    Your language is fine, it’s somewhere in the middle ground, not too basic but not too complicated. It’s annoying when people come across as uneducated in posts but you have some talent with words.

    Your frequency is good too, every time I come back there is more posts to read but not too many that I miss some.

    You run the blog alone correct? Do you think it’s better to run a blog alone or as a group?

    Merry Christmas!

    • Marow says:

      My frequency now is very high due to the “12 Days”, otherwise it is about one post per week. It really depends on when I have time to write. I should do some posts beforehand as backups. Though, I find that boring. ^^’

      Interesting question! And yes, I run it alone. Never having blogged in a group, it is hard for me to judge, but here are my two cents.

      Blogging alone gives you more freedom as you’re free to do whatever you want.

      But it also makes blogging a lot harder, as it is rather demanding to write at least once a week. A partner would make this easier, as you could write, say, every other week instead! Or, you would have two posts per week, providing more content to the readers.

      As a group blogger, you have the aforementioned advantages. You can also create interesting “discussion posts” and it probably feels a lot more personal.

      The negative aspect about it… hm, not too sure. You might feel restricted in certain ways, for example if do some kind of post together. If the other person isn’t helping, everything is doomed. You have to blog with something you can rely on. Also, you have to be somewhat similiar in style, as having one super-educated person with someone literally dumb won’t work.

      I guess… group wins?

      • AceRailgun says:

        Group definitely has it’s advantages as the more post you have regardless of the content the more people it will attract.
        Well as long as they are on topic anyway.

        Blogging alone however gives you so much freedom and you can also decide what content to publish and what the site looks like. Which I find to be one of the fun parts of blogging.

        The point about how if one person fails the other person is doomed too is very true. I know a certain blog where 2 of the 4 writers just disappeared without a trace which makes it very hard on the 2 that remain. But at least the blog doesn’t die, if there is only one person and they stop bloging even for a month the readership can move elsewhere very quickly.

        One post a week minimum should keep the current readers returning but probably won’t draw in maximum traffic. At the moment I’ve been posting nearly everyday and I’ve seen a rise in traffic and new readers.

      • Marow says:

        It is amazing how you are able to post almost every day. I would never be able to do that if I wanted to have any free time. I am a very slow writer, I really have to know exactly what I want to do if it should take shorter than 30 minutes (for a post around 500 words). That is my weakness, which is why a group would be nice.

  3. Yerocha says:

    Wow, it’s already been almost 2 months here. I guess time does fly.

    Personally, I think simpler language is good. I’ve read quite a few things in English classes about how some people use words that are far too complicated and don’t realize the problems it can have.

    • Marow says:

      Time certainly went by fast. Makes me wonder how long it will survive.

      Some people forget that language is there to help you communicate with each other. It can be a pain when you encounter people using unusual words.

  4. du5k says:

    Simple language is good. Unnecessary jargon and long texts pushes readers away. Of course sentences can’t be too simple, but you don’t have that kind of problem.

    You’re working on a good formula and doesn’t really have anything to fix. As with the rest of the questions, your blog much too young to know what would really works out for you, or even to take reader suggestions seriously.

    So, I think you should carry on with what you’re doing for now. Remember to always search for your own distinct voice while your at you’re at it, because when readers recognize that, it changes everything. All of the top bloggers are VERY distinct, and you can probably know who wrote what even without the site design or the credits, after a while. Just don’t become who you’re not in the process.

    Although content is prima donna, site design can always be improved.

    That’s my 2 cents. And Merry Christmas!

  5. Nopy says:

    I actually like the way your blog is right now. You put some thought into your posts, but don’t overload them with text. I also find your use of language to be easy to read, which is always a good thing.

    I can’t say much about you as a person since we’ve never had an in-depth discussion, but you come across as someone who sincerely loves blogging about anime and is not concerned about stats or fame.

    Also, Merry Christmas!

  6. Marow says:

    I hope you all had a great Christmas 🙂

  7. Mushyrulez says:

    Merry (late) Christmas!

    At least you get comments on your blog, as opposed to some other people (cough cough). Just make sure you always have a reason for blogging, and everything’ll go fine. As soon as you forget why you’re blogging, though…

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