Why Do People Fansub? – Part 3 – Interviews & Awesome Video

As promised in my first post, I have now managed to find and ask a question to a couple of different fansubbers out there. It was one very simple, yet very broad, question I asked them:

  • “Why do you fansub?”

It has been very interesting to hear their answers and talking with them about fansubbing in general. It truly feels like I learned something. If some of you readers are curious yourselves, simply visit the fansub group’s channel on IRC and ask away!

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One answer I received was very long and thoughtful, so there will be a fourth post in two days or so. Hope you will like it.

But let us get to the answers. The answers are slightly edited, such as having added a capital letter at the start of a sentence or putting two sentences together. Only minor things. They are not altered in such a way that their message is changed. Also, some fansubbers wanted to be anonymous.

Now, answers galore (and an awesome video)!

I hope no-one felt like this.

  • RHExcelion from Commie Subs

“We sub because out of respect for the leechers, since we were former leechers ourselves, that if we didn’t do what we did the quality standard would be much lower.”

  • A Certain Someone from a Certain Group

“1) I enjoy anime. 2) I enjoy seeing others enjoy anime. 3) I enjoy seeing others enjoy anime that I enjoy. 4) Helps me keep my English and translation capability honed.”

  • Ulrezaj from Mazui

“Well I could go on about language, practice, for the greater good blah blah, but the only real reason is because I want to.”

“It’s definitely a service for others. Almost by definition since we do it for free. But if I stopped wanting to do it (subbing//Marow), no amount of epeen or philanthropy would make me do it.”

  • arashi0 from Hadena

“Forgot the reason at one point, at the time, just like doing it.”

  • A Certain Someone from a Certain Group

“I just wanted to. I wanted to do it and derive all of the positive effects from it. I worked on other people’s projects a lot so I wanted to have my own. To improve my Japanese, to bring people to the forums and spark up the community a little.”

“There’s a temporary feeling of satisfaction when people enjoy your work. Most of us do it because we enjoy being a part of the community, each group is a little community part of a larger community. It has almost nothing to do with the fans.”

“A lot of subbers dont idle in the general channel, don’t read the comments, don’t care about any of the publicity.”

“I don’t really have 1 reason, it’s a combination of a lot of reasons. But the biggest reason is: “I want to””.

  • ChrisK from Coalgirls

“We don’t really do fansubs here, we just take them from other groups and put them on Blu-ray encodes. But the motivation for that is usually to have a release that is exactly like we want it to be. And since it’s still quite a lot of work, we might just as well share it to put it to some greater use.”

“I just want a good release, so if there isn’t one I’ll make one myself. You know, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.””

  • A Certain Someone from a Certain Group

“I started fansubbing because I wanted to improve the quality of fansubs. Now that I’ve been fansubbing awhile, I feel as if it’s an obligation to the leechers for me to continue to provide that service and quality.”

“That does mean I don’t always enjoy it, though. It’s not an obligation as in it’s a chore, but like… I’m expected to continue at the same quality type thing. People are counting on me. That sort of obligation.”

  • Dys from Doki Fansubs

“My reasons have been varied since I started fansubbing. In the scheme of things I didn’t start subbing all that long ago. I’m only just coming up on a year.”

“When I started it was purely because I wanted to give something back to the people who had been providing me the service for so long. As time went on it also became because I enjoy it. It’s good fun working as part of a team, as long as that team actually, you know, functions.”

“Now I do it because I like to make sure things keep happening. In this group especially, people have been doing a great job of vanishing lately, so my greatest desire is pretty much to make sure, along with ixlone primarily, that Doki doesn’t die.”

  • Dark_Sage from Whinesubs

14 thoughts on “Why Do People Fansub? – Part 3 – Interviews & Awesome Video

  1. biuecrimson says:

    RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc

    It’s an interesting video about motivation, and money isn’t that strong of a factor.
    from 6:44 to 8:44 is a good representation for faansubbers.

    They are similar to wikipedia where they give a free service and it’s good quality. Challenge, mastery and making a contribution.

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  3. blah says:

    As expected of Hadena.

  4. fgghjjkll says:

    I sub because my dick grows bigger.

  5. seinime says:

    I will fansub because otherwise my Japanese learning will be of no use.

    Also, I fansubbed before because I wanted to experience the pleasure (scratch that, mostly pain) of the hard work the fansubbers do for us English speakers. So no need to be all grammar Nazis.

  6. seinime says:

    P.S. Nice, you got Dark_Sage to reply as well.

  7. Nopy says:

    lol, that video at the end was hilarious.

    The fansubbing community seems to have changed a lot in the past decade. I really did not expect as many people to say that they sub because they like it. I remember asking the same question 10 years ago and most of the answers I got were to spread anime and hopefully get it released outside of Japan.

  8. Mushyrulez says:

    I know, thousands of metabloggers have tackled this already; it’s like a rite to join the esoteric elite ranks of true metabloggers or something, but… why do people blog? I remember you started this as some sort of school project, but when that’s over, I’m sure you’ll want to continue blogging. So why?

    “Forgot the reason at one point, at the time, just like doing it.”

    That’s my reason. Just throwing it out there; maybe it’s a lot simpler than people would admit it to be.

    • Marow says:

      Why I would want to continue? It is basically the same reasons as the subbers themselves have. Because I enjoy the community, to keep my English somewhat sharp. But also to give people a good read they can enjoy. If I felt that I wouldn’t accomplish that, but instead bore readers till death, I would stop blogging!

      And yes, it is a lot simpler than one would admit. However, I still believe that when you fansub, you should try to make it as good as possible. It’s like a product and it is affecting the industry, so rush jobs feels a bit lame.

  9. ftnatsu says:

    Note: Subbing is painful, don’t listen to those who says its fun, its not, its painful. I know from Experience working with some fansub groups in the past. The only easy part in the fansub process, is Distro, and Encoding, so if you don’t want pain in fansubbing, try to do either of those for a fansub group.

    Well, on seconds thought, it would depend on who you are, if you can withstand the scheduling and annoying fans getting up you for delays and shit, and criticism, then its all fine, go ahead and do it.

    Positions I’ve done: Typesetting, Timing, Editing, QC, K-Timing, Encoding, Distro

    Peace out folks.

    PS: I’m not a hater, I’m a realist

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