The Viking’s New Clothes – Theme Switch and More!

Did you notice that something seems different about Anime Viking? Well, that is because it is different! There has been a theme switch and now everything is fresh and sparkly. But that is not all. There will also be some other, smaller, changes. Hit the jump to find out what!

The New Theme

When I started this blog back in October 2011, I decided to stick with the theme “MistyLook”. The reason for this was that it was simple, clean and had a good text width and spacing, making it easy to read the posts. As a pleasant bonus, it was not overused in the anime blogosphere. Simply put, it was a great theme.

However, it did have a catch: it was not the prettiest theme around. It had bland colors and I often felt it looked a tad bit outdated. The worst part was that it was impossible to find a fitting background to it. Using a static color made it look even duller and the lack of decent background pictures made me resort to sticking with a mediocre Natsume Yuujinchou picture. Not really the best choice, but it worked. It was functionality over form.


But those days are now over. After having searched and tested all free themes had to offer, I got attached to “Dusk to Dawn” and decided that this would be the new theme for Anime Viking. It had nearly everything as my previous did and a little more! A great find. Let us list the positives and negatives:

  • Pro: Clickable header
  • Pro: It looks good, especially the sidebar
  • Pro: Everything in the sidebar is listed properly thanks to delicious bullets
  • Pro: The comment section is easier on the eye and it is easier to distinguish comments
  • Pro: The background, being “gritty”, works well with static colors
  • Pro: The width is the same as before, but now the letters are a wee bit larger and have a slightly increased line-height, resulting in a “fluffier” text that is      not as compressed
  • Con: On the other hand, this makes the posts (and the sidebar) seem longer than they are, which can be off-putting
  • Pro: This means I can write shorter posts and you will not notice anything
  • Con: The “vines” at the top of the blog are not removable
  • Con: The “Category” section is still messed up

Overall, this is a good theme. Yes, I had to create a custom menu and add RSS-buttons as they were not featured in the theme itself, but those are merely minor changes.

Furthermore, I have now made commentator avatars visible under the “Recent Comments” section in the sidebar. Now you can easily see if anyone new has made a comment since you last visited!

In the near future I will do some other changes. These include removing the replacing the Twitter section with a subscribe button and, perhaps, removing the “Recent Posts” section. After all, why have it when it is just as easy to scroll down a little to see the five latest posts? These two changes would open up much needed space in the sidebar! No reason to keep it cluttered, is there?

The last change will be getting rid of the header text, aka the blog title. Instead, it will be put inside the banner itself. Somehow. I do not have proper software to do this decently, so if someone did it for me I would be grateful! Otherwise much time will be spent in Paint…

Finally, the ultimate question still is: do you like this new theme or not? Please, provide your thoughts!

Trying Out Posts

Ever since I started blogging, much focus has been on editorials. Now I would like to try some other things besides those. It may be shorter posts concentrating on a smaller idea, doing interviews, testing to do an episodic post or something else! It could be anything, really. My idea is to simply not be stuck in the same thing forever, but to instead let loose a little. Now, we will have to see what this actually means. Maybe there is something you would like to see? If so, just tell!

Would YOU Like to Do a Collaborative Post?

This is something I have always wanted to try. Together with another person, we create some sort of post about anything possible. Do you want to discuss about a certain series, or possibly a particular thing about anime? The ideas are endless.

If anyone feel interested in this, and got an idea of a potential post, just contact me! I would love to do it if we could get along well.

Do you like the sound of all this? Tell me what you think!

22 thoughts on “The Viking’s New Clothes – Theme Switch and More!

  1. Marina says:

    Yay! Excepting the static floral design in the header, I really like this theme. The blue and black color scheme is pleasant to the eyes, as well 🙂

    • Marow says:

      Some of the floral design becomes hidden if I remove the header text, so hopefully it will be less annoying! (really, what to the theme creators think?!)

      Yes, it’s very pleasant on the eyes, something the old one wasn’t. I have to thank Inushinde for suggesting going with brighter colors 🙂

  2. if you have new clothes
    why arent you naked

  3. Myst says:

    This new design looks nice! I don’t know if you even have the option to change this, but I like the look of the background without any picture; it is classier that way.

    • Marow says:

      Way classier! Unless there would be some picture that would look good when repeating (like a pattern). Looks so clean now 😀

      And yep, I can add a background picture if that’s what you meant! I can also change color.

  4. flomu says:


    Collaborative posts are something I’ve been thinking of too. But since school’s coming up, I can’t offer. Good luck!

    (Kind of unrelated)
    I never understood the point of the tag widget for blogs. If you have a category widget and a searchbar, the tags seem unnecessary. But then again, I don’t even use categories so whatever

    • Marow says:

      It’s not like you have to write 24/7, you know! And school…. I wonder how it will be with time, since I start university. Sure, it’s only two courses, but still…

      The tag widget? I find it fun! I used to find stuff via that when I was only a reader, so it felt natural to include it.

  5. Ty-chama says:

    Oh, this is much better! Looking good Anime Viking!

    I’d love to do a collaborative post sometime, providing you can stick me and my writing style! As for what on, I’m not entirely sure… Did you have any ideas?

    • Marow says:

      Wee, thanks!

      Of course I would be able to survive that. It’s not like you (and your writing) is are bad, you know? ;p
      And nope, no ideas at the moment, haha!

  6. Kai says:

    Damn, a complete blog makeover. I had been thinking of doing it to mine too, but I\’m hesitant. Most of my pictures were already edited specially for my theme, so far, I had only done minor changes like adding more banners and editing aorund my sidebar. Btw, I think I\’m the very few \”one-of-the-kind\” who puts sidebar on the left side D:

    I’d love to do a collaborative post too, hopefully, an editorial where we could argue about different ideals or… something. I think my ”Shirou VS Kiritsugu” post or my editorial about Medaka Box would be nice if I actually collaborated with you, since in those two editorials, there are two very conflicting ideals, which is perfect. But I’ll see if I can think of any other similar ideals and I’ll contact you^^

    • Marow says:

      Hm? How were they edited? 😮
      Since this theme is similar to my last one in width and stuff, the pictures and paragraphs should be okay. Could be minor hiccups, but from what I’ve seen it looks good. And if YOU ever decided to switch theme, I’m sure it would still look decent!
      (regarding the sidebar, this theme had it on the left side, but I could change it. While it felt okay being on the left, the “Category” section looked way worse than now, since it got into the main column)

      I read that Madoka post, it was an interesting idea. Stuff like that is perfect for collaborations, especially if you have conflicting opinions on the matter.
      Feel free to contact me if you have anything fun 🙂

      • Kai says:

        Some sizes of my pics were edited on photoshop, like the ones in my pages? They don’t look too good full width, but if I change theme now, then I had to think about the pic width-text ratio too.

        Well if there’s one “hiccup”, that category looks awkward D: I see.. it looks like a slight error on the designer’s side.

        Sure I will^^

        • Marow says:

          Aha, I see. That would be bothersome. The only thing that had to be changed for this theme was the banner, since it is bigger now. Gee, it must be an annoying situation for you. But I’m sure it won’t look too bad (you can preview themes, in case you didn’t know!).

          I could shorten down the series’ names (and remove the number of posts), but that wouldn’t be very good, would it? It was the same problem on the last theme, but at least it didn’t “stick out” as you can see in the pictures in this post. Oh well.

  7. Yerocha says:

    The new site looks interesting, though we’ll be able to tell if it’s solid after a few weeks have passed. Most people are apprehensive of a new site design the moment it comes, I’ve noticed.

    A collaborative post sounds interesting, though I’d have to find a really good topic to discuss beforehand, and those can be tricky.

    • Marow says:

      Yep! Surprisingly, judging by the comments, they all seem to like it. If anyone dislikes it but haven’t posted a comment, it would make me a bit sad :<

      Something about manga, perhaps? ;o

  8. John sato says:

    A couple (very) minor things.

    1) Commenter icons are now really small. Not that much of a problem, since I recognize most of these bloggers (and hence their avatars), but worth mentioning.

    2) You should consider moving your search bar higher up in the sidebar, probably as close to the top as you can. Whether it’s someone who’s used to your site or a new visitor, they want to search for stuff on your site, not the search bar itself!

    3) Good job! Despite those two minor nitpicks, I’m really liking this. The single (more or less) color background really helps “balance” the blog out.

    • Marow says:

      1) I actually never found that a problem, but thanks for pointing it out! At times like these you wish you could customize the theme more. A little bigger wouldn’t be bad.

      2) It’s higher up now! I removed the “Recent Posts” section. I’m afraid that’s the highest it will go since I want to keep the other things above it. Does it look better? 🙂

      3) It does, doesn’t it? Glad you like it! And don’t worry about nitpicking, that’s what I want. I might not be able to fix everything (I’ll never forgive the “Category” section), but some stuff~

  9. Loving the new theme, it looks so clean…I just want to rub my face on it lol XD uguuuuu

  10. E Minor says:

    I thought this post would be about the Minnesota Vikings. I am so disappointed.

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