Sword Art Online (End) – Ten Things We Will Never Forget


Sword Art Online finally goes offline.

SwordArtOnlineSilimoutoSwordArtOnlineSilicaSwordArtOnlineSuguhaSugus#10 – Silica does not have Suguha’s sugus

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: Screw you Kirito, screw you so much.

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: Considering how difficult it can be to determine who is imouto, perhaps Kirito’s confusion is actually justified.

SwordArtOnlineYuiLoli#9 – Yui???

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: A walking piece of wish-fulfillment that breaks the game and helps Kirito overcome challenges without lifting a finger. Best daughter ever, right?

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: I like how they became a family in only one day. Love is such a wonderful thing.

SwordArtOnlineLizBest#8 – Lizbeth is the best

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: If you listen closely, “Lizbeth” almost sounds like “Lizbest”. It is a fitting name for the best character in the series, even saving the final episode of the series from becoming a complete laughfest. Liz is the best main character Sword Art Online never had.

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: The best characters always have the sassiest faces.

SwordArtOnlineMagicIllusionSwordArtOnlineMagicSmokescreen#7 – SAO was better without magic

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. OMG A GIANT DEMON!!! RUN AWAY!!!!

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. Illusion magic isn’t useful in combat. OMG A SMOKE SCREEN!!! I CANNOT SEE!!!

SwordArtOnlineSandwichSwordArtOnlineSandwich2#6 – The Sandwich


AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: Respect the power of Sandwich-kun. Thousands of unfortunate souls met their end in SAO, but not even death could keep a firm hold on this champion.

SwordArtOnlineReconLoser#5 – Recon the Loser

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: Recon deserves special mention here for being a character so utterly worthless that even blowing himself up did nothing but hasten his descent into the depths of obscurity. It’s a sorry fact, but with Kirito present, Recon was just a lowlife who never amounted to anything.

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: Almost exactly one minute after Recon erased himself from existence the reinforcement arrived and actually helped Kirito. We never saw Recon after this and I can seriously understand that. I mean, think of how embarrassing it must have been.

Fun fact: even Sandwich was brought back in the end.

SwordArtOnlineBreakingTheRulesSwordArtOnlineBreakingTheLaw#4 – Rules are meant to be broken

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: Ghosts in games are totally fine. Coming back from the dead is also fine. Cheating and being overpowered are fine too. Bypassing status effects by the power of love? Holy moly, that is obviously fine.

These are some bad games. They are like the Big Rigs of anime.

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: Half the time I forgot that the characters were actually in a game. If the author doesn’t even respect the world he has created, how can we?

SwordArtOnlineTentaclesAsuna#3 – Tentacles

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: What never fails to amuse me is the depths that this show is willing to go to in order to hit every possible fetish. Making the researchers giant tentaclely slugs is not appropriate for anything besides “slug art online,” but common sense has no place in this show!

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: You know, how does it feel to be a slug? It must be a really nice feeling since the researchers never complained.

SwordArtOnlineEp24Lick2#2 – The tears of unfathomable sadness

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: I think I actually get dumber by watching this series.
AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: Every time I thought this show couldn’t get any stupider it proved me wrong. In a show full of “great” moments, this one from episode 24 is the finest of them all.

SwordArtOnlineTwoYearsWorth#1 – 16.5 Endlessly Glopping

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMyst01Myst: I still remember the night news of this infamous chapter found its way onto twitter. SAO has given us many gifts in the past, but as the “two years of semen” jokes flowed endlessly onto twitter, I knew that chapter 16.5 would be SAO’s legacy.

AnimeVikingAuthorIconMarow01Marow: We need it animated.


37 thoughts on “Sword Art Online (End) – Ten Things We Will Never Forget

  1. ZakuAbumi says:

    I approve of this post.

  2. ajthefourth says:

    The sandwich makes me want to watch…

  3. Cholisose says:

    Stories like this give me hope that I can succeed at something in life.

    Not SAO’s story, obviously, but rather the story of SAO’s astounding success despite… you know… all of this. XD

  4. TWWK says:

    I must’ve missed discussion of #1…yikes.

  5. Click says:

    Sword Art Online is good, but it’s no Naruto.


  6. “Two years of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Asuna”.

  7. Nopy says:

    Lol, I completely forgot about that comment that Kirito made to Silica about looking like his sister. Also, what is this chapter 16.5 you speak of? Where can I find it?

    • Justin says:

      You don’t have to worry about it xD

    • Kai says:

      I think it’s the NSFW scene or to be frank, the part where Kirito and Asuna are supposed have sex in the LN but not animated in the anime (of cause). I didnt read it yet though and also didnt know they even made jokes to that chapter lol.

    • Marow says:

      Well, you can either listen to the Youtube video in the comments above or just google it. It’s literally everywhere.

      Regarding what it is, I can quote another site:

      “Also, note that 16.5 was published only on a separate section (the 18+ one) on the author’s website in the past. Regardless of whether it is canon or not, it was not published in the Dengeki Bunko Edition, even if it was written by the author.”

      So, the author made it because of FUN.

  8. Overlord-G says:

    Controversy creates cash. That is all that needs to be said about this one. Can anybody tell me how many Anime of the Year Awards SAO has received?

  9. Wow, it seems that SAO goes places I never imagined it would.

  10. 123 says:

    i wish i never read this

  11. shiizumi says:

    I had so much fun reading this. Glop. Glop. Glop.

  12. Killer Queen says:

    #3: So the anime didn’t show why Kirito have to give all his money to the hot Guild Ambassador Babes, but they show in GREAT detail the Tentacle Assault Scene? XD

    • Marow says:

      Something like that, yes.

      • Killer Queen says:

        And fans wonder why I don’t like the adaptation. XD

        #6: If you think about it, Kirito’s true canon love is the sandwich. He always has more excitement and connection over it than the girls he meets. And yes, even Asuna cannot compete the true feelings of Kirito and the sandwich.

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