100 Blog Posts and Counting

I've always wanted to use this one.

I’ve always wanted to use this one.

As crazy as this may sound, Anime Viking has now reached 100 posts! Or, rather, 101 counting this one, but nevertheless!

My 100th post was a rather silly one: Fantasy Anime League Spring 2013 – MyAnimeList’s Competition is On. To reach this point it took me about a year and a half, which is fine by me. I write because it is fun and not to rush things out the door.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and those who comment regularly, as it makes me very happy! Now it is time to celebrate!

17 thoughts on “100 Blog Posts and Counting

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Well done dood. Considering your busy schedule, reaching 100 “LEGIT” posts is commendable.

  2. Justin says:

    Congrats. Though really, had you not taken so many breaks, you would have already gotten over 100 posts 😀 But, considering how well you’ve done so far, you’re making sure your posts are at least insightful and can stand the test of time, so the quality is there. But you do need to post more =p

    • Marow says:

      Hm, I think I would be at 115 or so posts if that were the case? Not that many more!

      As for why I’m not posting more, it’s simple: I don’t want to use up all my ideas! 😀

      And thanks for the kind words 🙂

  3. Seinime says:

    Omedetou! Here’s to another 100 fine written posts. 😀

  4. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    congrats~ well, after having discarded lots of posts from blogspot that weren’t worthy I just reached half a month ago, if I remember well, the 100 posts, and that was after 3 years, so… it’s better to have good posts than frequent and not that good imho

    • Marow says:

      Thanks you 🙂

      I agree with you! But wow… now I feel fast and bad. You’re a better writer than me x_x

      • Foxy Lady Ayame says:

        you…shouldn’t feel bad… I didn’t mention it for that purpose. I wanted to show you, that there are ‘worse’ scenarios to make you feel better.

        Also, thx for the compliment. I don’t get that often… since I don’t get much traffic or comments on my blog, I thought I get people bored reading our posts *blush*

  5. Sushi GoKart says:

    Haha congrats! 😀 Keep up the good work!

  6. Kai says:

    Coincidentally, I just had a celebration of sort on my blog recently too. Anyway, congrats man 😀

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