Anime Viking is (sort of) on Crunchyroll


Have you visited Crunchyroll these last few months and perhaps stumbled upon a news article that seemed awfully familiar? With three posts from Anime Viking now featured on Crunchyroll, I figured it was time to write a short notice about it.

So, long story short: Anime Viking is now (sort of) on Crunchyroll!

The idea occurred to me in February earlier this year. It was nothing grand or anything, but merely a thought of perhaps being able to share my blog posts on other, larger, websites. So for fun I decided to send an email to one of the editors behind Crunchyroll News in which I asked if it was possible to let some of my posts be published on their website. The reply was positive and since then I have every now and then sent in a post I feel would work on Crunchyroll.

As of now the following three posts are available on their website:

Anime Viking Review: “GJ Club” is the Best Anime of the SeasonOriginal Post
FEATURE: Spring 2013 Anime Early ImpressionsOriginal Post
FEATURE: Will You Still Watch and Enjoy Anime as You Grow Older?Original Post

The reason behind why I want to spread Anime Viking is, bluntly, egotistical. That does however not necessarily mean it is something negative; only that it is something personal. It would be fun to me if Anime Viking was able to, in some way, receive recognition.

To properly nail down the exact details behind this would be impossible because I do not know them myself. Seeing something you have created – whether it may be food, school essays, drawings and so on – being appreciated by others and continue to grow is something that gives off a comforting feeling, much like leveling up your characters in JRPG video games. It is a form of confirmation that you are doing something good and are evolving.

Having a slight personal dream of somehow working with something related to writing, despite being nearly impossible in today’s climate, is the largest reason. In a life without any goals, the least I figured I could do was to test a crazy idea of sharing my posts on another website.

And in the end it worked, which makes me so happy I have no fitting words for it. Would it be possible to, in the future, become a full-fledged writer thanks to this? Most likely not, but at least it feels like some previously heavily guarded doors have been unlocked.

Sadly I cannot format the posts myself.

Sadly I cannot format the posts myself.

When it comes to the sharing of posts there are no secrets. I blog for Anime Viking as usual, but send in a post when I feel like it would fit on Crunchyroll. I do not alter my opinions or write in a different style than usual, nor do I have any obligations to advertise their site. The only real requirement is common sense, as in not writing stupid and hateful things, and that is it. I am merely a “Guest Author” and do not receive any form of payment.

But if I someday am able to become paid writer, I would most likely accept the offer in a heartbeat as long as the requirements do not affect my writing style and opinions. If that day would come, I would naturally write an update here since I believe in transparency. This is the exact reason I have already turned down offers to write for money that are clearly meant for advertising. My blog, my conditions and my readers.

So this is how it is.

Anime Viking can now be found on Crunchyroll.

This means a lot to me personally.

Are you okay with it?

13 thoughts on “Anime Viking is (sort of) on Crunchyroll

  1. If it works for you and what you want to do,why not? Nothing wrong with receiving recognition on your work. Congratulations.

  2. Overlord-G says:

    I remember doing this myself back in the day but backwards. I started off posting my work in forum sites and stuff but realized it was better to go solo. Since then, my ego has risen to new heights and while I could promote my greatness with more animeniacs in other forum sites, I’m happy the way I am now.

    I’m sure this collaboration will do wonders for ya.

  3. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    Congrats! It’s indeed a great feeling getting recognition from a bigger audience

    • Marow says:

      Indeed. Even more fun is seeing more opinions, especially with the “Anime as You Grow Older” post. Got way more comments than I had expected. And it made me feel like a little kid, with lots of people older than me watching anime 😛

      Thank you so much 😀

  4. Mental Invalid says:

    It’s kind of an awesome thing to be featured on Crunchyroll, man. That justifies the fact that you post worthwhile and interesting things! You are an awesome blogger with spectacular topics of discussion.

    If you feel like you don’t want to do it, then don’t. Do what makes you happy.

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