I Cannot Stop Thinking About “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo” Despite its Obvious Flaws


Something has been wrong with me lately. There is this little anime I cannot get out of my head. With each new day I think of it more and more. I become all excited and happy about it for no apparent reason.

I think I may have gone mad.

Have you heard of the anime called Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo by J.C. Staff that aired fall 2012? It was a very frustrating anime, with many parts that adhered to typical clichés found in many romcom light novels, such as overblown drama, nonsense conflicts and mostly unoriginal character personalities. Many of the situations and trials were also things that could be found in other anime.

Yet Sakurasou had its fantastic moments. After lots of angst there was usually a resolution stuffed with positive energy that really inspired me to be a more creative person. It also had a story about finding out what to do with your life and how difficult it can be, which really resonated with me at the time. Plus it was just so full of life unlike many other anime titles that I could not help but adore it.

Watching Sakurasou was like a roller coaster in terms of enjoyment. While I always looked forward to it each week, it almost always ended up with me feeling either disappointed by how it took a safe route or satisfied by how fun it could be when it wanted to. In the end, after a great finale, I still had feelings for Sakurasou, but they were also mixed with annoyance by how much better it could have been.

Sakurasou was an anime with great potential, but partly ruined itself by falling into predictable situations. It very much reminded me of a Toradora that failed to be itself rather than a guidebook to unwritten light novel rules.


But here I am today, a few months after it finished airing, completely fawning over the series like a fool. I listen to its openings, endings and even soundtrack. I beg for a second season like nothing else mattered. I search after pictures at any given instance. I start playing episodes only to quit a minute later. I forget everything frustrating about it.

I even start questioning myself. Things like “Perhaps the reason I disliked Mashiro was because that I did not understand her?”, “Maybe I has too hard on the heavy drama after all”, “Maybe the reason it was frustrating was due to watching it weekly” and “Maybe Sakurasou was pretty awesome after all?” enters my mind when I least suspect it.

It is a bizarre feeling I currently harbor for Sakurasou. I think I may have a thing for it. Or perhaps I always had, but it is not until now I fully realized it.

A series packed with obvious flaws and dumb mistakes, but also a heart and soul. That is Sakurasou.

I will let my feelings continue to be out of control until around Christmas when I finally re-watch the series. Maybe it will turn out that I had only hit my head. Or perhaps I will embrace Sakurasou and say:

You are, without any doubt, one of my favorite anime series.

25 thoughts on “I Cannot Stop Thinking About “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo” Despite its Obvious Flaws

  1. froggykun says:

    I have this ridiculous smile on my face as I read this. Despite the fact that Sakurasou is such a heavily flawed show, I found that it resonated with me too and that I still think about it constantly. In the end, I just said myself: “Screw the flaws!” I think this series said enough to me personally that I can embrace it for what it’s done for me.

    Even the frustrating romance parts kind of had an impact over me. This is getting a little personal, but let’s just say I understood all too well what Sorata was going through when it came to his relationship with Mashiro. Still, I could never stop myself shipping Sorata with Nanami. HAHA, I got really into that.

    You know, I actually would go far enough to say that in its own small way, it changed my life. It’s inspired me to write a lot more, too. If I didn’t watch Sakurasou, I wouldn’t be blogging as much as I do. It’s made me want to put myself out there. So if you think about it, you and I probably wouldn’t even know about each other if it hadn’t been for this show. Weird thought.

    I hope you do rewatch this series sometime! I haven’t given it a full rewatch, but I sometimes play some key scenes again whenever I want to get myself motivated about something. I find the positive energy works on me.

    It may not be the best, but Sakurasou is a really good anime for me.

    • Marow says:

      Haha, glad you liked the post! It’s really fantastic when a series resonates with you personally.

      It “changed your life”, huh? There are some anime like that. For me it was Aria and being able to, at times, just sit back and relax while realizing how fantastic the world is despite everything bad about it.
      And I probably wouldn’t lie if I said Sakurasou gave me a little energy boost, just like for you, either.

      Is it common that anime does this to you?

      This is getting a little personal, but let’s just say I understood all too well what Sorata was going through when it came to his relationship with Mashiro.

      You’re making me interested here, dang it!
      And yes, I also shipped Sorata with Nanami. The perfect couple.

      • froggykun says:

        Is it common that anime does this to you?

        Hmmm… I wouldn’t say it’s common, but I wouldn’t say it’s unusual either. I do like to read what messages I can into anime. I think Sakurasou moved me in particular, though, because of my personal circumstances and, like Sorata, I was struggling to find my own dream at the time I was watching it. I think it says more about me than it does about the actual anime.

        You’re making me interested here, dang it!

        Well, since you were curious…

        Basically, I liked this girl and I thought she was a genius and better than me at everything I was good at, and then I lashed out at her and felt really bad afterwards, especially because she was so nice to me about it. I’m over it now, though.

  2. Mental Invalid says:

    A really good thing about the series is the chemistry between characters. Sure the personalities may be cliché, but the way the characters find their strengths and weaknesses within others is a method of exposition that is difficult to execute. Otherwise, you’d just find yourself an anime where nobody complements each other.

    Seeing the development of the story brings you to relate to the characters in a surreal way, especially when they face trials; just hoping that they would overcome it.

    The predictability of the characters’ challenges however…it’s fair to say that there’s been some that have been flagrantly predictable, and others were just absolutely unexpected.

    I like romcom the best. It’s my absolute favourite, And I have to say, Sakura-sou is just a masterpiece.

    • Marow says:

      Yeah, they all have a nice chemistry! Wish we could see a bit more everyday moments, though, since at times it was mostly conflicts and the likes. Plus, just as you said, you really wanted them to overcome their challenges.

      Fun that Sakurasou is your favorite! 😀
      Curious as I am: have you seen Toradora? They aren’t really too much alike, but I couldn’t help but think of it when watching.

      • Mental Invalid says:

        In fact I have seen Toradora. It’s appealed to me as a very unexpected romcom. I’m not posting spoilers, but it made me bawl like a mess. It was just well-put together.

  3. Sakurasou is great. The story might not always have been dialed in to high gear, but the cast was the complete package. I’d watch a show about any two of them driving to a coffee shop to get lattes.

    In general, there’s no such thing as a perfect anime. We might criticize shows for their flaws, but we rarely praise shows for simply not having flaws. I think all my favorite shows are just the ones whose good points shined bright enough to eclipse the aspects that could’ve been construed as problems.

    • Marow says:

      Another person who likes the cast! And now you make me want to watch an anime about a coffee shop…

      Indeed, there’s no such thing as fantastic. All anime I love have flaws to them 🙂

      We might criticize shows for their flaws, but we rarely praise shows for simply not having flaws.

      Heh, I feel a bit guilty of that. >_<'
      Generally it's easier for me to point out flaws and expand upon them, than to do the same with praise. Not sure why. Praise feels less "tangible".

  4. lifesongsoa says:

    People call Sakurasou flawed, but was it really? Personally, I don’t think so. At the end of the day a good story isn’t isn’t about originality, it’s about the experience and Sakurasou nailed that.

    • Marow says:

      It bothered me, so to me it’s flawed. But to others it might not be flawed! That’s what we have opinions for 🙂

      And yeah, Sakurasou nailed the experience for most part. I especially loved the ending.

  5. Overlord-G says:

    Well, we know which is the first show that’s vying for your #1 of 2013.

  6. Justin says:

    I’m trying to conjur up the feelings I had when watching the show. I remember being excited about it for a number of reasons. I remember loving parts and feeling less excited about others. I remember loving the first arc. I remember the feelings I had from Misaki’s graduation speech. I remember watching Sorata take out his frustration, his jealousy, and his feelings of inadequacy on others – and then thinking to myself how I may have done the same to people I loved.

    Of course, I have stopped thinking about Sakurasou since I watched it. But there were many parts of it that I loved, and a lot that I simply liked. I think what I liked about it most was that I went in expecting a simple romance, but for me it was barely that at all. What romantic elements there were served to bolster the themes of their passions and struggles.

  7. Mouse says:

    Well Said… 🙂 I can’t stop thinking about this one either 😀

    In fact on a recent post of series I wish to see another series for this was on the list 😀 – http://animemage.com/what-anime-sequels-are-you-looking-forward-to/

  8. Kevin says:

    Funny, I forgot about this one after it finished airing! The visuals were a little neat, but honestly it’s because of shows like this that I’ve decided not to simulcast almost any show longer than one cour. Save those for the marathons.

    • Marow says:

      Yes, that’s probably a good thing. Been trying to do the same, but it’s also hard to resist watching the anime when it is airing! Plus the chances of not watching it increases when it’s finished (at least for me) 😦

  9. About a month and a half ago I got around to watching Sakurasou myself, and I can definitely say that I had a blast with it. Truth be told I’m a huge fan of dramatic rom-com esque stories, so it was relatively easy for me to get into Sakurasou. I found that the story managed to stay very interesting for me even if there were some cliches, and I really loved the character development that took place. It may not have been a perfect series, and really, there isn’t such a thing to begin with, but in the end it’s all about enjoyment and I know for sure that Sakurasou succeeded in that, for me at least. Looks like overall it has for you as well, and that’s a nice thing because I do believe Sakurasou’s a series worth watching.

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