Anime I Love – GJ-bu


It may not even have been a full year since GJ-bu ended, but nonetheless it has managed to find a place deep within my heart.

Trying to explain the wonders of GJ-bu would be to no awail, as I actually have no proper way of actually describing why. When I look at GJ-bu there is not much about it that stands out.

It uses lovely and vibrant colors in addition to very soft character designs, which help bring out the unique charm of the characters and the setting. When I mention the setting, I essentially only mean the clubroom in which the majority of the anime takes place.

Our charming characters, each with their own unique trait, are generally gentle and never over the top. They do not exaggerate, shout or anything that could be seen as annoying.

Yes, the girls in the club tend to tease and fool around with the lone boy Shinomiya “Kyoro” Kyouya, but it is never anything more than lovingly banter. Even “Kyoro” himself does the same, especially to the orange-haired girl Mao Amatsuka. You can feel a genuine chemistry between the all characters as they do nothing particularly special.


This warm atmosphere is what embraced me as I watched GJ-bu. It never tried to be something it was not. No, instead it was merely being itself. As a result, GJ-bu feels honest. It welcomes you with open arms and wants to you be a part of the club.

When I watched GJ-bu I always felt at ease. I knew I would have a heartwarming time with an anime that does not stand out. It is not special, but at the same time it very much feels so. To me, GJ-bu meant a lot.

As the final credits rolled, I felt sad to see it go. I would never meet the characters again, at least not in the same way. I was left with an empty and melancholic feeling. But all things that have a beginning must come to an end. That is precisely what allows us to appreciate them.

I miss you, GJ-bu.

12 thoughts on “Anime I Love – GJ-bu

  1. SieghartXx says:

    One of the few slice of life I ever liked. I also was really sad when it ended, as it was pretty funny and had a lot of adorableness (and I shipped so many girls with the mc xD) I wish we could see a second season about the new members of the club, and a bit more of romance (a direct one would be marvelous, but oh well, slice of life.)

    • Marow says:

      I heard the original light novels had a little more romance than the anime.

      Also, we do have some sort of GJ-bu project in the making. It could be an OVA or a second season covering the spin-off series. Who knows? There was a suspicious picture about “GJ-bu going to New York” on the official Twitter account too. A movie? I have no idea how that would work.

  2. Hurvilo says:

    I watched it to completion but can’t say I particularly cared for it.

    Non Non Biyori, on the other hand, is phenomenal!

  3. Kai says:

    With a male MC and a club of girls, I thought this anime is going for “that” direction, perhaps I’m wrong, lol.

  4. I watched it, and I loved the chemistry between the characters, particularly in how they rarely ever try to shoehorn tsukkomi routines at the end of every sequence in which Mao & Co. mess with Kyolo.
    And ever since I watched it, I’ve only ever eaten potato chips the wasy they do in the show; its incredibly convenient.

    But I didn’t resonate with it at all, and mostly just found myself bored. It would probably have been twice as much fun if I watched it during free classes in school…

  5. […] since reading Marow’s opinion on GJ-bu, my interest in watching this show has been aroused.  Having finished it, I find myself in the […]

  6. […] I would also like to mention the movies Patema Inverted, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Rebellion and Tamako Love Story – especially the latter, which is a sequel to the mediocre and lifeless series Tamako Market. The premise to tell a love story sounds so impossible with the boring cast it has, but instead it works so perfect it’s almost magical. It’s a combination that shouldn’t work, yet works perfectly. Also, let’s not forget about the special episode called GJ-bu@ that’s a great, but ultimately fluff, sequel that only served to remind me how much I love GJ-bu. […]

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