12 Days of Christmas 2013 #10 – Attack on Titan Goes With Everything


Attack on Titan came, Attack on Titan saw, Attack on Titan conquered. The series might not have amused me as much as it did with many others, but it was an experience nonetheless. One really fun thing that spawned from the anime’s first opening theme (紅蓮の弓矢 by Linked Horizon) was a lot of videos slapping the song onto anything possible. The Internet exploded with these videos, which was a hilarious sight to behold.

While listing all my favorites would be impossible to fit here – there are too many! – I have below mentioned the two which caught me the most off-guard.

Share your favorites too!

“Shingeki on Anon”

“Attack on Christopher Walken”

A bonus (I need to know what the song title is):

7 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2013 #10 – Attack on Titan Goes With Everything

  1. Overlord-G says:

    I love people like you for several reasons. It’s not that you disagreed with the majority, it’s how laid back you disagreed with them.

    You didn’t crush people’s hopes and dreams and ignite an entire army against you. All you did was say “eh” as your reaction to the entire show. Most amusing.

  2. Naru says:

    Out of all the SnK parodies I’ve seen (which is very few, to be honest), this one is my absolute favorite.

  3. garejei says:

    More like everything goes with Christopher Walken amirite? Yeah, I should probably get around to watching Shingeki, I’ve been putting it off for the longest time after reading a couple of volumes of the manga (back when the show was in its infancy) and not being *that* impressed. But the setting itself is fascinating to me so maybe I’ll pick it back up…

    • Marow says:

      The anime is much better at creating an intense atmosphere in my opinion. In addition, the general directing is better than the at times messy layout found in the manga. But, while the manga is slow too, the anime feels much slower. It’s a trade-off, so to say.

      (I kinda love the rough art style in the manga, though)

      And go watch it! It’s not hyped for nothing.

      More like everything goes with Christopher Walken amirite?

      I will never understand that music video.

  4. Even though I have not seen Attack on Titan yet, which I will do soon, that opening song is just epic! The first video you posted was particularly hilarious. I guess it does really go with anything.


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