12 Days of Christmas 2013 #01 – A Hidamari Graduation


Hidamari Sketch, how I love you. We have shared a magical time these past four seasons. We have smiled, laughed and been sad together. You comforted me when I felt down and made me reflect over my own life when I needed it. I was one of the residents of the Hidamari Apartments.

Sadly, not everything can last forever and it was now time to give our farewells.

Watching Hidamari Sketch: Sae and Hiro Graduation was special. I went through many emotions as it led me through the inevitable ending. I was happy and sad when it wanted me to, yet it felt natural. These are two lovingly crafted episodes about Sae and Hiro graduating and leaving the other residents of Hidamari Apartments behind.

It is not with tears I send them off, but with a bittersweet smile.


Thank you, Ume Aoki.

Thank you, Shaft.

Hidamari Sketch has been beautiful.

Farewell, Sae and Hiro.

I wish you the best of luck on your new adventures.

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2013 #01 – A Hidamari Graduation

  1. The Kenosha Kid says:

    Goddammit. I dropped Honeycomb around halfway through when I realized that the graduation was going to be a thing that would happen and that would be that. I still don’t have the heart to pick it back up. I’ll miss them all way too much.

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