The Best Anime Endings of 2013


It is that time of the year again. The time when we look back on the anime that has aired and think about what we have, or have not, watched. As usual, I will write a handful of posts listing anime of 2013.

First out, we have the best anime endings of 2013!

Remember that these are my opinions, and that I have not checked every little anime ending there is, so do not flip out if you do not agree with me. Share the ones you liked instead!

In comparison to last year, there has been a lack of stylish and catchy endings which I generally enjoy. In addition, if you have read last year’s post, my favorite ending of 2013 might give you a feeling of déjà vu.

Honorable Mentions

Cuticle Detective Inaba ED
“Prima Stella (プリマ・ステラ)” by
Tooru Ookawa

This ending has a singing goat. Do I need to say more?

Silver Spoon ED
“Hello Especially” by
Sukima Switch

One ending that always managed to cheer me up was “Hello Especially”. It gave me energy when studying, but it also managed to make me feel relaxed at the same time. The song fits Silver Spoon perfectly, and I think of peaceful times in the countryside.

Free! ED

When I first saw this I could not really believe my eyes. It was hilarious in a good way. In fact, it still makes me giggle at 00:56 when Rin pours water over himself and enjoying it to the fullest.

Valvrave the Liberator ED1
“Boku ja nai (僕じゃない)” by

Valvrave has some rather great songs, even if they visually are boring slideshows. The ending that stuck with me is “Boku ja nai” since it felt very “in your face!” after each episode in comparison to the others.

Best Endings of 2013

#12 Miss Monochrome ED
“Poker Face (ポーカーフェイス)” by
Yui Horie

I think I realized something this year: idol anime can be pretty great if you give them an honest try. Furthermore, this is also the year when I came to take a liking to vocaloids.

So here comes Miss Monochrome and combines the both, making it hard for me to dislike this good-looking CGI ending. Monochrome herself looks a bit expressionless, but that does not stop me from going “Sooo prettyyy” while loving every second of it.

#11 Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo ED2
“Prime number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~ (Prime number~君と出会える日~) by
Asuka Ookura

Yet another ending which I mainly enjoy for a very personal reason. Despite the characters merely tilting their heads along with the song, it cannot help but feel a strange charm. Said charm also ends up making me mimic the characters and sing along.

Love it.

#10 GJ-bu ED2
“balance unbalance: Hontou no Watashi (balance unbalance 〜ホントウ ノ ワタシ〜)” by
Suzuko Mimori

However odd this may sound, GJ-bu ended up as one of my favorite anime. Another thing it succeeded with was with its four different endings. The one I particularly enjoy is this one, featuring Shion from the series. I have a thing for visually stylish endings.

#9 Nagi no Asukara ED1
“Aqua Terrarium (アクアテラリウム)” by
Nagi Yanagi

One of my favorite Japanese artists is Nagi Yanagi (whom you might know from the band Supercell), so I have a strong bias towards “Aqua Terrarium”. Nevertheless, this is a pretty ending with a pretty song.

Hii, hii, hii, hii…

#8 Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W ED4
“Sister, Friend, Lover” by
RAMM ni Haiyoru Kuuko-san to Kuune-san

The song. Oh my, the song. I have no clue what type of sound or instrument it is using, but I love whatever it is. It makes me think of water, strangely enough. Not to mention how hypnotizing it is.

This is not the first time I have heard this “sound”, but I have yet to figure out whatever it comes from. If anyone happens to know, please tell me.

#7 Eccentric Family ED
“Que Sera, Sera (ケセラセラ)” by

Sometimes a lovely song and simple slides is all you need. It is also nice how it focuses on Benten, since I personally felt she lacked screen time.

#6 Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ED
“Unknown Vision” by
Akino Arai

I cannot come up with anything else to say than “beautiful”.

#5 Gatchaman Crowds ED
Maaya Uchida

A new voice actor I have been keeping my eyes on is Maaya Uchida. You may know her from playing Hajime in Gatchaman Crowds or Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!. So color me happy when I heard she was singing “INNOCENT NOTE”.

Although the CGI characters look a tad bit weird, I would not call them ugly. It is a different style that works well with this cool and colorful ending. The song itself also feels very “empty” and lets the instruments take a back seat. This gives it a very melancholic vibe, which I dig.

#4 Unbreakable Machine-Doll ED
“Maware! Setsugetsuka (回レ!雪月花)” by
Hitomi Harada, Ai Kayano, and Yui Ogura

You know of those annoyingly catchy songs you cannot get out of your head? This is one of them. It also happens to be awfully stylish, even featuring typography with the Japanese lyrics!


#3 Aku no Hana ED
“Hana -a last flower- (花 -a last flower-)” by

Creepiest anime ending ever?

Creepiest anime ending ever.

#2 Attack on Titan ED2
“great escape” by
Cinema Staff

What better way to end an episode of Attack on Titan than with this awesome ending? There is none.

#1 Shin Sekai Yori
“Yuki ni Saku Hana (雪に咲く花)” by
Kana Hanazawa

In 2012, I declared Shin Sekai Yori’s first ending, “Wareta Ringo”, to be the best. This year, that award goes to its second. Listening, or watching, “Yuki ni Saku Hana” never gets boring. This is a beautiful ending I have spent countless hours with.

It makes me think that something very sad, and of large scale, is about to happen. This is especially true when it at the end zooms out and shows the landscape with a strong blue light illuminating the dark sky.

It is as if the world is ending.

7 thoughts on “The Best Anime Endings of 2013

  1. Justin says:

    I think you’re missing a good number of worthwhile mentions:

    Tamako Market – “Neguse” – it’s a Naoko Yamada ED so of course it bears mentioning.

    Henneko – “Baby Sweet Berry Love” – Diabetes

    Fantasista Doll – “Day by Day” – Diabetes

    The Kitakubu EDs:
    “Kimi ni tsuite Ieru Koto”
    The first one was somehow really cool despite the CG, and the other one was really silly and cute

    Tamayura ~More Aggressive~ – “Arigatou” – designed to make you cry

    Outbreak Company – “Watashi no Hōsekibako” – cute and had a really fun effect of watching Petrarca play around while disappearing and reappearing – almost as if she is supposed to be imaginary.

    Kyoukai no Kanata – “Daisy” – – it’s kind of stationary, but like balance unbalance that works in it’s favor. Also the song is just amazing.

    • Marow says:

      Well, I can’t mention every ending now, can I? 😛

      What I can say, however, is that Tamako Market would’ve ended up on 13th if the list had continued!

      (on another note, I think the OP and ED from Kitakubu were the only things I liked)

  2. Mental Invalid says:

    Dude these are all wonderful endings, wow. For curiosity’s sake, have you seen the ending sequence of Kyoukai no Kanata? If not, then I do recommend taking a gander.

    • Marow says:

      I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like that ending too much. Sure, it’s pretty and has an okay song… but I get so very bored by it. ^^’

  3. 123 says:

    I like quite a few songs here! Loved all but the last Valvrave ending songs as well, though the animation is dull as you mentioned. Were you a fan of the first Titan ED? I thought it was lovely ^^

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