Three Years of Anime Blogging and Reflections


To think that three years have actually passed since I first started Anime Viking. It has been a long journey coupled with both joy and sadness, but ultimately every second has been worth it. Being able to create something and be recognized for it, while also connecting with readers genuinely caring about you as a person, is a feeling difficult to describe in words.

Had you at its creation asked me if I were to continue blogging for this long, I wouldn’t have been able to give you an answer.  Not necessarily because I would grow tired of it – that was no chance in the world, as I find writing to be very engaging – but because I lacked a proper goal.

I wanted to try blogging and see how I fared after having discovered some lovely anime blogs. The anime blogs in question were “Moe Sucks” by E Minor and the, today, sadly removed blog “Ganbatte” by Seinime. Especially Seinime from Ganbatte resonated with me and was the one who inspired me to start blogging the most, as he himself had recently started at the time. It was a rather personal anime blog and had a very fluffy writing style, which made me feel very involved and relaxed. I miss it a lot.

As for Anime Viking, the truth is that it still doesn’t have any actual goal. It is a way for me to not only keep my writing and English skills intact, but also a means to connect with other anime fans. I love writing with my whole heart and having a platform for it is a perfectly fine reason to continue. There really isn’t any better reason than that!


Throughout these three years I’ve been able to experience so many things I never could’ve imagined! My personal highlight still remains the colloquium blog posts I did with Myst from the today retired blog “Through the Frozen Glass”. I had always wanted to try writing with another person and as I was fond of Myst – he still is my favorite anime blogger – I asked him. When he said yes I was incredibly happy and together we discussed the second half of the then ongoing first season of Sword Art Online. It may have been difficult and time-consuming at times – and I feel guilty for taking time away from Myst’s focus on studies – but it’s no doubt the most fun period in my blogging “career”.

Another high point is to have been featured on Crunchyroll, the largest legal English website for streaming anime, and is also something I now feel is time to shed some more light onto. As I’ve previously written, I quit publishing there on my own accord. The reason for this, as I tried to subtly imply, was because they were suddenly trying to indirectly censor my opinions due to vague reasons. One thing led to another and I eventually discovered that Crunchyroll is doing shady things in regards to journalistic ethics (in my personal opinion) – not to mention I was threatened not to press the issue further as it could “lead to strained relationships” –  which made me no longer want to be associated with them.

Ironically, Crunchyroll is also the lowest point as a result. I was so excited to be featured there that the disappointing discoveries I made hit me hard. After I had finally found a goal in not only blogging, but also life, and to then have it shred to pieces in front of my very eyes hurt a lot. All the enthusiasm built up was completely gone from that point onward – all because I didn’t want to play by their rules due to personal ethical beliefs. To this day I still reflect on whether or not I made the right decision.


Yet, I should be proud to have been able to blog for three years straight. Anime Viking may no longer be a large or popular blog, but I feel content with what I have. Yes, it may not be updated as frequently as before because of changes to my life – something I hope to talk about in an upcoming post – but I’ve been able to meet persons who seem genuinely interested. There was one particular supportive email I received when I felt all alone and hopeless which almost made me cry. To the person who wrote it: thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In fact: thanks to everyone who continues to read Anime Viking after three whole years! You are what make blogging worth every second, no matter how difficult it can be. Hopefully you will all continue to read until the final days.

Three years is a long time, but my blogging journey is still continuing like never before. Soon it will come back in full force. Thank you all.

49 thoughts on “Three Years of Anime Blogging and Reflections

  1. arriacross says:

    Congrats on your 3-year anime journey. More blogging years to come. Cheers!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice reading your stuff, keep it up man 🙂

  3. iblessall says:

    Well, congrats on lasting this long in a really crowded marketplace! I’ve always liked the personal style you keep in all of your posts, even in the ones where I’ve disagreed. I also enjoy your perspectives on your own experiences in the fandom and blogosphere.

    • Marow says:

      Crowded marketplace, you say? Anime blogging is actually shrinking rapidly if we judge by Anime Nano’s statistics! I don’t think there’s even 100 blogs left who update on at least a monthly basis! A bit surprising, eh? 🙂

      Thanks for enjoying the site and especially the more personal aspects! I’ve discovered that the style fits best for me, so I think I’ll continue “using” it. Don’t be afraid to tell me if there’s anything you disagree with or dislike!

      • iblessall says:

        Heh, that is surprising! I’ve always got the impression that it was much bigger than I knew, but that could just be because I’m still relatively new and still meeting new people.

        & yup, your style works for you and it works for me, so I’d say you’re sitting in a good place. And the only things I disagreed with were matters of opinion on shows (I remember one first impressions post or something that where we differed), but that’s to be expected!

  4. animecommentary says:

    Congratulations for the three-year mark! Here’s to plenty more.

  5. froggykun says:

    Congrats on your three-year blog anniversary! I know things have been hard for you lately, but your blog has always been a warm place full of positive energy, so I hope you’ll continue to stick around in some form. Your personal touch has always been a great inspiration, so your posts tend to have a stronger lasting impression on me, even when you don’t post that often. So please keep up the good work. I hope your studies go well!

    • Marow says:

      Thanks, Frog! And I feel better for the time being, at least! 🙂

      Mind if I ask you for a specific example in how it’s been inspirational? You seem to have a wildly different writing style, so I’m curious!

      (also, I thought this post was actually the opposite of positive energy for most part… but I guess not?)

      • froggykun says:

        Sometimes, I read your posts and think, “Wow, the simple way is often the most profound way of putting it.” Since, like you said, my style is completely different, I have a lot to learn when it comes to expressing the essence of what I feel. I think that’s one of the things your writing does very well.

        • Marow says:

          Well, simple is better! I do believe that is actually one of my stronger points, at least if I’m to trust my teachers. Sigh, wish I was better at evaluating myself ^^’

          If you ever need some help, feel free to ask. I’ll gladly assist you 🙂

  6. whemleh says:

    I feel like I should raise a glass to you or something. Happy three year anniversary! Here’s to another 🙂

  7. S&P says:

    Ganbatte buddy!

  8. Anth says:

    Good to see a new post from you. I look forward to the future of your words. You were the one who encouraged me to make a blog in the first place, and regardless of its popularity I genuinely love doing it now. Thank you.

    • Marow says:

      Glad you enjoyed my return 🙂
      And even better you enjoy blogging! It has a distinct charm to it, doesn’t it? I realize now that I’ve been very bad at commenting on other blogs, but in hindsight I’d like to mention I enjoyed your post on Isshuukan Friends and the theme of friendship. The personal touch is neat.

  9. ImperialX says:

    Congratulations on three years, it’s a real feat. I look forward to more of what you have to say.

    • Marow says:

      I guess it is! Isn’t the common saying that anime blogs die after the second year? Managed to survive that, at least! Thanks you 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing your blog updated, even if you don’t do it too often these days!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Grattis! 🙂

  11. Marina says:

    Congratulations on three years! Lovely choice of ARIA images for setting the mood of this post 🙂

  12. Alex says:

    Congratulations on three years on blogging 🙂

  13. Overlord-G says:

    We do not talk much anymore but I still drop by to check out your cool posts and stuff. I still respect your writing and your dedication to finding a goal for your blog. Whenever you do find it, keep being proud of everything you have and will accomplish in the years to come.

  14. Yumeka says:

    Congrats on three years…and you reminded me that once again I forgot my own blog’s anniversary! It turned 8 years old earlier this month 0_0

    That’s an upsetting story about Crunchyroll though. I guess that’s one disadvantage of writing for a company as opposed to just your own personal blog; you have to write the way they want. But don’t be too discouraged. There’s plenty of time to find a company that does like how you write, if that’s something you still want to look into 😉

    • Marow says:

      Your blog is so old I’m always amazed to see you still keeping it running at a regular basis. I’m in awe x_x (and don’t forget your anniversary, silly! :p)

      Indeed, it’s not a very fun story to tell. I could go into more detail – I have all conversations saved – but I feel there’s not much too add. It’s not possible to trust Crunchyroll whenever they portray something as a personal opinion. Also, in case I wasn’t clear: I never intentionally wrote for them. I always wrote for my own blog first and then sent in posts afterwards!

      Wish it was easy to find a job related to writing these days. The market in Sweden has become saturated and it’ll just become more. Perhaps I’ll try to write a book, one day!

      And finally, thanks a lot 🙂

  15. E Minor says:

    I don’t think we ever cross paths anymore, but good luck with your future endeavors in any case.

  16. draggle says:

    Happy birthday, Aria sux, good luck!

  17. miharusshi says:

    Congratulations on your third year. 😀

  18. Kai says:

    A bit late, but congrats on the three years. I actually missed mine by a month, lol.

    I saw about it before, but sorry to hear about that about the Crunchyroll. I experienced slightly about this during some other sites I wrote before, though not as majorly, and besides I’m barely even active, I think they took my name down on the active writer list.

    • Marow says:

      Not good to forget anniverseries! :p

      Indeed, it’s not exactly fun to experience such things. Saddens me to hear you also encountered something similar. If you’d like to, feel free to email me about it as I’ll gladly listen. If at the very least to know what to stay clear from.

  19. Congratulations on reaching your three year anniversary! It’s always fun to read your posts,

  20. redchief001 says:

    Congratulations on three years of blogging! You should take pride in the group that you have following your blog. No matter how small the following is, you are bridging the geographic gap between Anime fans that share some common interests and, in some cases, even illuminating works that might have otherwise gone overlooked.

    The fact that you are still committed to posting (even if it is on a less frequent basis) is also commendable, especially considering the changes that you are going through in life right now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us for three great years! Here’s to many more!

  21. Shizuka says:

    Congratulations for your three years of blogging!!!

  22. […] at its lowest point ever. The more specific reasons related to blogging itself have already been stated before, but to put it shortly all my enthusiasm had been drained. I ended up putting blogging on-hold, […]

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