12 Days of Christmas 2014 #12 – Unfinished Blog Posts


Today marks the start of another yearly iteration of the “12 Days of Christmas” blogging tradition. This means each of the twelve upcoming days will have an accompanying blog post about something I perhaps found especially noteworthy or fun during this year. As this is an anime blog, this will naturally all be tied to anime in one way or another.

To kick things off, let me start by talking about two blog posts that were essentially completed yet never published.

Throughout this year there have been many changes to my life and at the beginning of it my motivation to blog was at its lowest point ever. The more specific reasons related to blogging itself have already been stated before, but to put it shortly all my enthusiasm had been drained. I ended up putting blogging on-hold, procrastinating and even falling behind on watching anime. Instead, my time was spent on video games while distancing myself from the anime community I once took part in.

During this particular period there were, however, times – whenever I eventually ended up watching certain anime titles – my blogging habits were raring to go. The three titles in question were: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren, Isshuukan Friends and Nisekoi. The ideas I had were clear from the get-go and I started writing some rough drafts detailing the general outline. This was a rather rare feat coming from me, however as the ideas came to me early during the series’ runs it felt best to do this and wait perhaps one or two more episodes in order to see if my initial thoughts were still valid. Plus, as stated earlier, my motivation was not that high.

Out of these three ideas only one made it out alive: Nisekoi is a Giant Tease of Fun. It was heavily rewritten as the anime had since long ended at the time of publishing, but the idea is more or less the same. A few episodes into Nisekoi I ended up reading through all of the manga which I loved, hence the birth of the idea.


The other two ideas were sadly not as fortunate. The one about Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren focused on how I felt the newly introduced character Satone Shichimiya was the saving grace of the otherwise dull second season. It was meant to discuss why the sequel was so boring and what made Satone so great, namely her personality and backstory – both which seemed to indicate more than shown. As for Isshuukan Friends, it would be why it never worked for me and how the main character Hase seemed to be a huge jerk towards Fujimiya. My belief was that he pretended to be a nice guy when he instead wanted to date her (something which, if I am not mistaken by the reactions online, was confirmed).

Neither of these two was actually published despite being more or less completed (apart from needing to be rewritten intro proper English, that is). The reason to this was, once again, my lack of enthusiasm. I tried to start properly writing them, yet they were never able to be finished. As a result they were to stay incomplete until my energy was to come back – which it never did. As I realized this far too much time had passed since the ideas were originally created, meaning they by now had lost all of the impact they once would have had. The reason the post on Nisekoi was finished was thanks to how it was not necessarily related to specific events in the series unlike the other two, meaning it would be a timeless piece.

It is entirely possible these two ideas will be polished and published sometime down the line despite of all this – outdated or not – in order to actually have them readable. At the very least, let me tell you the early titles of the two ideas: “How a Magical Devil Girl Saved Chu2Koi Ren” and “Isshuukan Friends and Fake Friendship”. It would be a fun excursion in history, wouldn’t it?

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2014 #12 – Unfinished Blog Posts

  1. makorihi says:

    It’s great that you’re back on track!

  2. whemleh says:

    Yeah, Hase was kind of a jerk. But he did genuinely want to help Fujimiya! You know, there was like three layers: the nice guy he tried to be, then beneath that was the jerk most people thought he was, but beneath that was an ultimately good-natured person! Why must everyone but me hate him?? ;__;

    But yeah I would have likes it if they put more effort into acknowledging how much of a selfish ass he can be.

    • Marow says:

      I never once saw Hase being interested in helping Fujimiya during the two episodes I watched before dropping it out of annoyance. He even said himself he wanted to be friends with her because she “had a pretty face”, rather than because she was lonely!

      Hase’s a jerk.

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