12 Days of Christmas 2014 #05 – Patema Inverted and Falling into the Sky


Yasuhiro Yoshiura is probably one of my favorite anime directors. He has created works such as Pale Cocoon, Time of Eve and most recently Harmonie. What makes his creations so compelling is how they have a rather distinct, almost mundane, style to sci-fi storytelling.

He explores grand concepts by utilizing smaller scenarios, which is especially seen in Time of Eve. It takes place in the future where robots and androids are commonplace, but rather than aiming big the story takes place in a small café bearing the titular name. Here, the concepts of humanity and androids are explored at ease with no right or wrong.

This is why Patema Inverted is such an interesting change from Yoshiura’s typical approach. The ideas are still there and as fascinating as ever, but they are never allowed to be the main focus. Instead, they are there constantly lying in the background and complementing the story – becoming an integral part of it – allowing for a more traditional love story unfold.

Instead, they are constantly lying in the background and acting as the foundation – becoming an integral part of the world – allowing for a more traditional love story to unfold. Rather than discussing these in great detail, they are merely always there as accepted facts.

What I love about Patema Inverted is how the main idea is more or less terrifying when put into perspective: there are people who have their gravity inverted, meaning they’ll fall straight up into the sky unless stopped. Every scene where the young inverted Patema has the vast sky below her I cannot help but fear for her life, as a little slip would make her fall down (up?) and meet her doom. The directing in Patema Inverted is as excellent as ever and utilizes this to a great extent, making more or less every scene nerve-racking.

Imaginably, this fear comes from the fact that while I find the sea mesmerizing, I cannot help but feel scared if I were to be put into the middle of nowhere with nothing but an endless abyss below of me. While the sky in Patema Inverted may lack disturbing deep-sea creatures, it still manages to give me the same feeling of utter helplessness.

8 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2014 #05 – Patema Inverted and Falling into the Sky

  1. Anth says:

    I’ve never heard of this anime, but this caught my interest because of something I did when I was really young. I would lie on my back on the ground and stare into the open sky, imagining that gravity could go backwards. I’d think about “falling” into the sky until I could practically feel the pull in my body.

    Also, relevant to the last paragraph, I have been out in the Gulf of Mexico in a tiny motorboat until I could see nothing but water in all directions. It was dead silent. When I became aware of these things, it was pretty terrifying.

    • Marow says:

      Oh, that’s interesting. Never done that myself (I think, at least).

      There was once a time when my father and I was out in the ocean when either a wave or underwater stream, which I don’t remember, pulled us only a few meters further out than normal. It was not particularly dangerous, but there was a drastic increase in depth (once again, not dangerous: only from waistline to above head) that scared me.

  2. whemleh says:

    It’s funny comparing how Patema Inverted makes you feel to how The Pilots Love Song makes you feel. I suppose the sky can be a scary place from this perspective.

    Also, I NEED to watch this movie. It looks So Pretty

    • Marow says:

      You should watch it! And then Yoshiura’s other works!

      And indeed, now that you mention it… it’s funny how different the two makes me feel. They’re portrayed very differently and are under different circumstances. You’ll understand if you watch Patema Inverted.

  3. miharusshi says:

    I first found out about this when I watched the special, which came out in Winter 2012. I only remember the concept and the fact that I liked it. Gotta watch this movie.

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