Christmas Calendar 2011 – Toradora 04 (End) – Toradorable

After a month of no new post at all, it is finally time to bring this year’s “Christmas Calendar” to an end. It has been a bit of a bumpy ride, with not a lot of posts (due to “12 Days”) and my own lack of imagination for topics. While this year might have been slightly lackluster, it has been a good experience and I now know how to improve it till next year. I hope you have all enjoyed it!

But what is that you say? Christmas is already over? No worries, because Twelfth Night is tomorrow! Continue reading

Christmas Calendar 2011 – Toradora 02 – Stuff

When you really love something, you could talk about it for an eternity. So when watching from episode three to eight, I struggled with exactly what I would talk about in my next post. Then I came up with an excuse idea I had never thought of before. Why not just talk about it all, but really short and compromised? Well, here we are now. I will do a proper post in a few days about episode seven and eight, so you do not think I am completely lazy! Oh well, onto the big mass of pictures now, shall we? Continue reading

Christmas Calendar 2011 – Toradora 01 – Love

“There’s something in this world that nobody has seen yet.

It’s something gentle and very sweet. And if you had been able to put your eyes on it, then you would yearn for it.

That’s why the world has hidden it. To make sure that not just anyone can get their hands on it.

But at some point, someone will find it.

That one person who is supposed to find it is also the one who will be able to find it.

That’s just how it is.” Continue reading

Christmas 2011 Information

Picture by tax・i. Source.

Soon there will be Christmas. Aw, who does not love this time of the year? Everything is filled with happiness and you just want to cuddle up inside with a cup of hot chocolate. It is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. This year will be different, as I am now a blogger. This means that in the coming month, there will only be Christmas-related topics. Here is what I have planned! Continue reading