12 Days of Christmas 2012 #10 – Cute Boys Doing Cute Things and Boys Being Boys


Last year we had Kimi to Boku, something as unusual as a slice-of-life series about boys, and not girls, doing absolutely nothing except living their lives (or, cute boys doing cute things). With no real expectations, especially since it was done by the hit-or-miss studio J.C. Staff, it completely caught me off-guard and blew me away. Continue reading

Winter 2012 Previews

Now that the ”12 Days”-project is over, it is time to get serious again. Or, at least, a little serious. Christmas time is relax time for me, a chance to recover slightly from the dreaded school. However, this time, we were loaded with different essays, so in the following week there will not be any lengthy and insightful editorial post for you to read. I am deeply sorry about that, but hey, on the 9th of January there will be a fun little thing starting. And after that, it is back to business as usual! In the meantime, let us check out what the winter season 2012 has in store for us!

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