Why Do People Fansub? – Part 4 – Guest Post by 8thSin

Picture by 白鮫 – Source

When I asked fansubbers “Why do you fansub?” I received a very thoughtful answer by 8thSin from 8thSin Fansubs. This is his thoughts, unaltered besides having added spacing, bolded links and pictures for the sake of readability. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

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8thSin: I started fansubbing to maintain my Japanese skills, but I pretty much fansub now because it’s something that I enjoy, and I like sharing anime or movies that I enjoyed with others. It’s a hobby. Continue reading

Why Do People Fansub? – Part 3 – Interviews & Awesome Video

As promised in my first post, I have now managed to find and ask a question to a couple of different fansubbers out there. It was one very simple, yet very broad, question I asked them:

  • “Why do you fansub?”

It has been very interesting to hear their answers and talking with them about fansubbing in general. It truly feels like I learned something. If some of you readers are curious yourselves, simply visit the fansub group’s channel on IRC and ask away! Continue reading

Why Do People Fansub? – Part 2

The Internet, a magical place where anything can happen. When it comes to anime, we now got the luxury of having basically any anime we want in our hands in the blink of an eye. But despite there being legal ways to watch anime, people still fansub.

In my first post I, very simplified, brought up some possible reasons as for why people still fansub. Whether they hold true or not is not up to me to decide, because I have no insight into fansubbing. But anyhow, let us play with the idea that we are going to fansub an anime, whichever we would like. It could be Haruhi, Bakemonogatari or something completely else, it does not matter. Now, the question is: what would you focus on when fansubbing?

I would say quality. Continue reading

Why Do People Fansub? – Part 1

Picture by 嘉志 – Source

This is it. For each little step I take, I go deeper into the dark, scary and unknown territory. All alone, only accompanied by hundreds of distant glances from lurking monsters that are waiting for me to do a mistake and trip over. I wish them no harm, not at all; I only want to ask some humble questions. Will you please listen to them? Continue reading