Those First Steps

Here I am, finally taking my first steps into the blogosphere as a blogger myself. And I am already starting to tremble.


Yes, already.

It is always the beginning that is the hard part when writing, as you feel lost and have no clue about what to write. You also feel tense and try to be near perfect in every way possible. Furthermore, it does not help that introducing myself has never been my strong side. So let us skip the formalities and talk about the blog itself first.

Since anime is one of my main interests together with writing, it is no surprise that I have decided to try out anime blogging myself after having read some great anime blogs out there. The name Anime Viking originates from the fact that many outsiders tend to think of Vikings when they hear about Sweden, where I live, with it being a part of our history. A rather lazy fitting choice, is it not?

One thing you should know, is that this blog is a part of a school project I am currently doing about blogs. This will not affect you readers in any way, as I will only analyze the activity and other statistics. This project will end around April next year (2012), but that does not necessarily mean the end of this blog. Perhaps there will be changes, a co-blogger would be great fun, but, as previously mentioned, it will not be any “end of the world”-scenario. The Mayas are in charge of that.

Anime Viking will feature editorial and episodic posts as many other anime blogs, so it will not be anything out of the ordinary, at least not for now. I always welcome discussions and if you have ever wanted to try out writing a guest post, feel free to ask about it! One thing I would personally love in the future, is some kind of group discussion about a certain topic or episode, featuring other persons! I am open to all kind of ideas, so ask away!

My history with anime is still quite young, despite having watched it my whole life, as my first “true” encounter with anime was during the fall season last year (2010), which was when I started to follow news, different seasons and such. Before this year I had watched less than 100 series, including both shorts and movies, and currently my amount of completed ones are around 171! Such a nerd…

But before ending this post, I have to tell you at least something about myself. So, in short, an 18 year old from Sweden who loves anime and cats. The silent and observing type of person.

And so, it is finally time to start blogging. Who knows how it will go.