Your Blog Sucks – Criticism in the Aniblogosphere

Did he just say…?

This post has taken way too long to get out. I am honestly sorry for that. Luckily, it is out now!

During this month I have sent out a lot of emails to people, asking them to answer a question for a survey regarding criticism in the anime (and manga) blogosphere. Now, I have gathered every reply and put them into this post. See the results after the jump! Continue reading

Why Do People Fansub? – Part 4 – Guest Post by 8thSin

Picture by 白鮫 – Source

When I asked fansubbers “Why do you fansub?” I received a very thoughtful answer by 8thSin from 8thSin Fansubs. This is his thoughts, unaltered besides having added spacing, bolded links and pictures for the sake of readability. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

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8thSin: I started fansubbing to maintain my Japanese skills, but I pretty much fansub now because it’s something that I enjoy, and I like sharing anime or movies that I enjoyed with others. It’s a hobby. Continue reading

Why Do People Fansub? – Part 3 – Interviews & Awesome Video

As promised in my first post, I have now managed to find and ask a question to a couple of different fansubbers out there. It was one very simple, yet very broad, question I asked them:

  • “Why do you fansub?”

It has been very interesting to hear their answers and talking with them about fansubbing in general. It truly feels like I learned something. If some of you readers are curious yourselves, simply visit the fansub group’s channel on IRC and ask away! Continue reading