Spring 2012 Impressions – Halfway There

I know, right?

With school soon over, there will be plenty of time for good weekly scheduling for blog posts. As the situation stands today, I cannot say I am very proud over the results, with tons of posts one month and barely any in another. The following summer will be a lot of fun in return, I can assure you!

But now, it is time for my impressions of the spring 2012 season! Hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

What’s With the Ages, Japan?

Stare all you want Menma, but it does not make you look older.

When it comes to animation, anything is possible. You can create a lot of things you would not be able to do otherwise, because of the suspension of disbelief. You want ninja turtles fighting talking brains? Heck yes. What about giant robots throwing galaxies at each other? Sure, why not.

But there is one little thing that bugs me from time to time: ages. Continue reading