12 Days of Christmas 2013 #11 – Pulling a Guillotine Gorilla


Not amused.

Let us turn back the time a few weeks, back to when Samurai Flamenco was fresh out of the oven. It was a silly anime about a young man named Masayoshi Hazama who dreamed to become a superhero and help the world become a better place. To his aid, if you want to call it that, he had the police officer Hidenori Gotou who somehow got tangled up with Masayoshi’s quest of good.

In addition to fleshing out its characters and ideas, Samurai Flamenco also poked fun at how superheroes would function in real life and its consequences. Not to mention its cheeky social criticism.

But then Samurai Flamenco went bananas and pulled a Guillotine Gorilla. Continue reading