Fall 2012 Previews – Operation: Overkill

Apparently no-one found this real preview post that was hidden in the other one, so I decided to just make it easily accessible instead.

So you actually found this “not-very-well-hidden-super-secret” post. Congratulations! You gain nothing but a poor list of the series I will watch this fall 2012 anime season. For far more detailed previews, head over to these sites:

Or, even better, you may want to take a look at this wonderful chart preview provided by ours truly Redball from O-New!!:

Redball chart.

Normal chart.

What to Watch
(besides Hidamari Sketch, obviously)

Shin Sekai Yori
? episodes | Sci-Fi, Supernatural | Novel | A-1 Pictures | 2012

Okay, the premise sounds all good and the source material being a novel, instead of a light novel, is a huge plus. This could become a gem if it was not for one damn big thing: it is adapted by studio A-1 Pictures.

It is the studio responsible for the dreadful Sword Art Online that is currently airing and the poorly executed Ano Hana among others. Yes, there are a few good series they have created, the most recent one being Tsuritama, but I do not trust them in the slightest. Prove me wrong!

After a quick check there are apparently NSFW yuri-scenes in the manga. So much for this anime unless it is different.

Litchi DE Hikari Club
? episodes | Comedy, Horror, Psychological | Manga | Kachidoki Studio | 2012

Try reading the manga. I cannot really explain it. Have this synopsis if it somewhat helps:

Litchi Hikari Club revolves around a group of schoolboys who plan to create the ultimate in Artificial Intelligence.
As the story progresses, we watch the group gradually fall apart due to internal conflict and as the boys, under corrupt leadership, involve increasingly more twisted and depraved methods to reach their goal.”

It is rumored to only be a series of “comedic shorts”, whatever that may mean.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
? episodes | Comedy, Romance, School | Light Novel | Kyoto Animation | 2012

Kyoto Animation being the creators is basically enough of a reason for me to watch this. Along with Shaft and P.A. Works, they are a studio I always follow as long as their product does not make me cringe. Luckily, Chu 2 Koi (as it is called for short) does not seem to be that.

I doubt it will ever tackle the issue in its very own title seriously, but I am really curious about the “chuunibyou”-part of the series.

13 episodes | Action, Supernatural | Anime Original | Starchild Records | 2012


Bakuman 3
25 episodes | Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen | Manga | J.C. Staff | 2012

Sexism the Anime – The Third Season. If possible, this anime would only allow male viewers I assure you.

The first season covered four volumes of the manga, while the second one covered about six and a half. That means they have covered 11.5 out of 20. Unless they slow down the pacing, this will be the final season. Hopefully it is.

Little Busters!
? episodes | Comedy, Drama, Romance, School | Visual Novel |  J.C. Staff, Key | 2012

This is the drama of the season, both when it comes to in-anime and reality. Key is a fancy developer of Visual Novels with a sense of how to manipulate feelings, something that has given them a high status, especially thanks to the anime adaptation of their game Clannad which is considered a masterpiece by many.

So now they, together with Jun Maeda of course, are back with the animation of  their game Little Busters!. But not everything is as usual this time around. Kyoto Animation, the studio responsible for every other adaptation, has abandoned them. So what happened? Instead of seeking help from P.A. Works, the creators of Jun Maeda’s original story Angel Beats!, they went to… J.C. Staff, the studio famous for massacring any kind of source material. Good job!

Now, J.C. Staff may have quite a lot of great titles on their track record, but the ones in recent years are far from leaving anyone in awe. Naturally, this is worrying. But hey, I do not really care. I cannot say Kyoto Animation themselves were as flawless as some people claim. In fact, their adaptations often felt stiff since they almost always adapted the side characters’ arcs.

It is said that Little Busters! is vastly different from the traditional Visual Novels by Key. I have no clue what it means, but perhaps thanks to that J.C. Staff will make a proper job after all? If this turns out to be bad, I will laugh. If it turns out to be good, I will also laugh. It is a win-win situation for me.

But wait! The main character is called “Riki” and seems like a generic male lead. DOES THIS MEAN THERE WILL NOT BE A SARCASTIC PROTAGONIST?!

Medaka Box Abnormal
? episodes | Action, Comedy, Ecchi, School, Shounen | Manga | Gainax | 2012

“It gets better, I swear!!”

22 episodes | Action, Sci-Fi | Anime Original, Production I.G, noitaminA | 2012

Urobuchi Gen, noitaminA, Production I.G and other big names? Will it be Guilty Crown 2.0 or something that is genuinely good? For some reason I feel very skeptical about this one. The plot sounds like it might be complex (and interesting), so I wonder how it will play out.

22 episodes | Sci-Fi | Visual Novel | Production I.G, noitaminA | 2012

Gosh, studio Production I.G and the timeslot noitaminA are so lovey-dovey that they have teamed up for two full anime seasons with two series. This one is based on a Visual Novel by the company behind last year’s famous Steins;Gate: 5pb..

But before you forget, let me remind you that they were also responsible for Chaos;Head, an anime that was not as well-received. Now they will have to prove themselves if they are actually able to create good stuff, or if Steins;Gate merely was a fluke.

If I Feel Like It

Kyousougiga (2012)
5 episodes | Action, Comedy, WTF | Anime Original (ONA) | Toei Animation | 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
? episodes | Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo | Manga | Brain’s Base | 2012

Hayate no Gotoku! I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
? episodes | Comedy | Anime Original | Manglobe | 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest
? episodes | Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Shounen | Bones | 2012

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
? episodes | Comedy, Romance, School | Light Novel | J.C. Staff | 2012

Seitokai no Ichizon 2
? episodes | Comedy, Harem, Parody | Light Novel | AIC | 2012

This is overkill.

There are ten new series from this season I will definitely watch, plus two more carrying over from the last season. This means I will watch twelve series. And I might pick up even more. Overkill indeed.

13 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Previews – Operation: Overkill

  1. Marow says:

    If you wonder, this password lock will be removed later on (and the post will be moved to the day after the other one was published). I just wanted to try this out!

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  3. Kai says:

    You sound like you really want Bakuman to finish lol D:

    What I liked about Little Busters (game) are the character designs but J.C Staff looks like they had butchered it, reminds me of the new Hayate no Gotoku but not as bad as that at least.

    Since Urobuchi Gen is involved in Psycho-Pass, I doubt the writing will get as bad as Guilty Crown, but time will tell.

    • Marow says:

      I want Bakuman to finish, yes.

      The new designs are bad? Not feeling that at all. If anything, they look kinda “cheap” at times, judging from the PV.

      We’ll have to wait and see~

  4. Overlord-G says:

    Wow. the otaku mainstream (Or maybe the smarks) REEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLY loathe Medaka, don’t they? Meh, I survived the first season, how bad can an X-Men parody starring a Mary-Sue (John Cena’s long lost sister from Japan) and a bunch of so called prodigies claiming their opinions of what’s right and wrong surpass hers, but fail to do.
    I’m not defending the show, just don’t think it’s as horrible as tohers make it out to be.

    • Marow says:

      I wouldn’t really call Medaka good either. It was mediocre at its best. Gainax didn’t really try to make it better. (well, the big names have left anyway)

      If it ever gets to the third arc, it will get better. At least, that’s what others claim.

      • Overlord-G says:

        As long as the DBZ ripoff clashes are amusing, bring on the 3rd arc then. I think the 1st season was average at best.

        Let’s see.: girl with eyepatch show. I liked Another, despite it failing as a horror show but succeeding as a Final Destination/Battle Royale light anime adaptation. So yeah, another show with an eyepatch girl is fine by me.

        K….not on my list but…a show with one letter for a title should be as intriguing as a show entitled, Psycho;Pass, which IS on my list.


        Little Busters: In short, on my list, screw the enraged fanboys. I could care less who picked the show up. The anime exists and if it turns out being inferior than the supposedly best KEY game ever, so be it, because I’ve no plans on playing the VN.

        Seitokai no Ichizon 2: For the love of all that is good on Planet Earth, make Key-kun suffer even more this season. I want him to be broken beyond emotional repair. Screw the usual five minutes of each episode, it’s the 18+ pf the girls torturing his sanity I look forward to most.

        As you can probably tell, unless it’s SHAFT and not a -gatari sequel, I don’t follow animation companies’ track records when I pick my shows.

        And with that, those are the shows we have in common in our watchlists.

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