Anime Viking started on 28th October 2011 and is, simply enough, a blog mainly about anime. Here you can find editorials, episodics, reviews and all the other stuff you usually find on anime blogs.

I, Marow, am the lone writer of Anime Viking who posts in my free time. Everything is written out of my perspective, meaning that this is a subjective blog. If you cannot handle different opinions than your own, this might be the wrong place for you.

In short, I am a somewhat young person old and I live in Sweden. Normally I am the silent and observing type of person, which might or might not, be mirrored in this blog. Oh, and I adore cats.

Hopefully you will have a great time here at Anime Viking!


Those First Steps – 28th October 2011
The first post.

Six Months Later – 28th April 2012
Blogging for six months.

A Simple Break Will Have to Do – 26th June 2012
A blogging hiatus for one month.

The Viking’s New Clothes – Theme Switch and More! – 14th August 2012
The blog switches theme.

One Year of Anime Blogging and Still Walking – 28th October 2012
Blogging for one year.

Ask the Viking – Questions and Blogging – 30th October 2012
Questions from readers.

100 Blog Posts and Counting – 7th April 2013
Reaching 100 blog posts in total.

100,000 Blog Views and an Apology – 27th May 2013
Reaching 100,000 views in total. And an apology for not having updated for a while.

Anime Viking is (sort of) on Crunchyroll  3rd August 2013
A post about Anime Viking now being featured on Crunchyroll.

Two Years of Anime Blogging and Having Fun – 28th October 2013
Blogging for two years.

Anime Viking Gets its Own Domain1st December 2013
Getting a custom domain.

Anime Viking is No Longer on Crunchyroll22th May 2014
A post about Anime Viking no longer being featured on Crunchyroll.

Three Years of Anime Blogging and Reflections28th October 2014
Blogging for three years.

Four Years of Anime Blogging and at a Crossroads28th October 2015
Blogging for four years.

Those Final Steps – 10 Years of Anime Blogging28 October 2021
The final post.