Winter 2013 Anime Previews – A Calm Season


Have some mo(e)chi.

After a great 2012 it seems that we will have a slow start to the 2013 anime year. While there are some interesting series starting, as always, there is nothing “big” this season. The new year will start with a whimper, huh?

Personally, I will use this season to watch older series I have missed.

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Winter 2013 Anime Previews – A Calm Season

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If you want a more detailed preview, head over to “Random Curiosity – Winter 2013 Preview!“.

Anime Winter 2013 Chart.

What to Watch

SavannaGameSavanna Game
? Episodes | ? Genre | Cell Phone Novel | ? Studio | ? Airtime

This has probably been either cancelled or delayed, sadly. I was actually quite curious to see how a cell phone novel would work.

12 Episodes | Comedy, Romance | Light Novel | Shaft | Winter 2013

It is probably no secret by now that I am a fan of Shaft, so watching Sasami-san is a given for me. As for the actual series, however, I have no idea what to make of it. Just watch the PV:

I think Shaft got something weird up their sleeve as usual.

HaganaiNextBoku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next
? Episodes | Comedy, Harem, Romance | Light Novel | AIC Build | Winter 2013

I think you are far better off watching this:

The only reason I am watching this second season is because, well, it is a sequel. The first season was boring and annoying, even if it had its moments (Meat). This time around the art seems more refined, so I really hope it will let Buriki’s character designs shine.

TamakoMarketTamako Market
12 Episodes | Comedy, Slice of Life | Original | Kyoto Animation | Winter 2013

I have no clue if this will actually be a comedy and slice-of-life anime, but I am a shallow person who judges this anime by its look. This is K-ON! with wigs and about a food market instead of a light music club. And lo and behold, there will actually be some male characters this time around! Also a chicken.

In all seriousness, though, I actually wonder how Kyoto Animation will handle an original anime this time around. This does not seem to be much different from what they have done in recent years, so they should definitely be good at it by now. But who knows?

CuticleDetectiveInabaCuticle Detective Inaba
12 Episodes | Action, Comedy, Mystery, Shounen | Manga | Zecxs | Winter 2013


A cuticle detective.

“Private Detective Hiroshi Inaba is an artificially-created being, formed by splicing the genes of both a human and a wolf, who gains information by tasting and examining people’s hair, and pretty much has a hair fetish. He can transform into a more wolf-like form, and also gain special powers and perform different attacks depending on the type or colour of hair he eats.”

Best anime.

YamaNoSusumeYama no Susume
13 Episodes | Comedy, Slice of Life | Manga | 8bit | Winter 2013

The more I read about this, the more interested I become. This is apparently a series about mountain climbing, which sounds rather fun. Now, I seriously doubt it will do anything serious with the idea and that is more of an excuse to have cute girls doing uncommon cute things, but heck, I still like it.

But I am a bit sad to see that this will only have five minutes per episode. I think the mountain climbing premise really has me hooked, huh?

NekomonogatariNekomonogatari: Black
4 Episodes | Comedy, Ecchi, Supernatural, Talk | Light Novel | Shaft | Winter 2013

All episodes aired on New Year’s Eve and should be out in English any day now. This is more from the Monogatari series, more or less. I wonder how it will be compared to Nisemonogatari.

KokoroConnectKokoro Connect: Michi Random
4 Episodes | Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Supernatural | Light Novel | Silver Link | Winter 2013

As with the previous entry, all episodes should be out in the coming days. This is the fourth arc of Kokoro Connect that was saved for the DVD release, which I still find odd considering how people say that this is a vital arc in the series and a better fit for an ending than what we got earlier. Maybe Silver Link had hoped to increase their sales (which they, considering the scandal, surely did not)?

However lazy Kokoro Connect handled its wonderful ideas I would still call it a fun ride, if just for the ideas. So I have to admit that I am really interested in seeing how this arc will play out. In addition we will hopefully have a new great ending song!

If I Feel Like It

OreNoKanojoOre no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru
13 Episodes | Comedy, Romance, School | Light Novel | A-1 Pictures | Winter 2013

“My childhood and girlfriend fights too much”? If I want something really standard, I guess I will watch this. People, tell me if it is funny (in a bad way) after you have seen an episode or two.

BakumatsuGijindenRomanBakumatsu Gijinden Roman
? Episodes | Historical | Pachinko Game | TMS Entertainment | Winter 2013

This is based on a… pachinko game? With character designs from the guy who did them to Lupin the Third? I am seriously confused. It will probably be pretty dull, but man, I am curious. If it turns out to be good and not too long, then I will be sure to watch it.

? Episodes | Comedy | Light Novel | Dogakobo | Winter 2013

There is only one reason I put this here. It calls itself the “first four-panel novel”. At least admit that it sounds cool.

IshidaToAsakuraIshida to Asakura
? Episodes | Comedy | Manga | Hotline | Winter 2013

Dude got a pencil up his nose.

MaoyuuMaouYuushaMaoyuu Maou Yuusha
12 Episodes | Adventure, Fantasy, Romance | Light Novel | Arms | Winter 2013

One thought: the story is sounds grand and people have oddly enough compared it to Spice and Wolf (I do not really buy that comparison, but whatever).

Another thought:  the studio is Arms who has done a lot of ecchi and hentai. The PVs also got… boobs.

Final thought: What the hell.

A Fabulous Anime

StarDriverMovieStar Driver the Movie
1 Movie | Action, Fabulousness, Mecha | Original, Recap | Bones | Winter 2013

Dazzling the stage!

Galactic Pretty Boy!


This recap movie will be absolutely fabulous and make our galaxies shine.



27 thoughts on “Winter 2013 Anime Previews – A Calm Season

  1. To me this looks like one of the blandest seasons ever. I doubt I’ll be watching any new shows, which gives me time to catch up. 🙂

    • Marow says:

      I know I will start watching JoJo, at least! Anything particular you will watch?

      • Well, I thought about watching Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman, but the trailer convinced me that it’s another Lupin III. So, I might as well put that off until I decided whether or not I enjoy watching the original show.

        In any case, I need to finish watching Inuyasha: the Final Act, Banner of the Stars II, Blast of Tempest (Zetsuen no Tempest), Hunter x Hunter (the original series), Bodacious Space Pirates, Future Diary, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Durarara. On the other hand, I’d like to watch Psycho-pass, Moyashimon, Girls und Panzer, Shin Sekai Yori, Hyouka, Code: Breaker, Guilty Crown, Black Rock Shooter, Break Blade, second season of Arakawa: Under the Bridge, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, etc.

        With that shows of that quality still needing to be watched, I simply can’t justify paying any attention to this current season.

        • Marow says:

          Just a heads up regarding Arakawa 2: it is not like the first season. It is basically only comedy this time around. I was very sad when realizing this myself 😦

  2. Author says:

    Haganai for PSP was better made than the anime, despite formally being a knock-off with the same cast. It demonstrates the value of good writing.

  3. I think of fingernails and fingertips when I read the title Cuticle Detective Inaba.

  4. shizuka says:

    Well…It doent’s seem and exciting winter season after all…I’ve read the first two novels of “boku wa tomodachi ga suskunai” and they are not too bad but I’m not very much into ecchi things and It seems that the anime is more (much more) ecchi then the novel so I didn’t watch neither the first season so…If I’ll menage to view the first Kokoro connect season I’ll try the second and I’m a bit attracted by the “cuticle detective. Other candidates are Hekkenden, Amnesia, Sasami-san and If it’ll really start Savanna Game.

    • Marow says:

      The anime got its fair share of ecchi, yes. But my main problem was how annoying Yozura was and that the jokes weren’t that… good.

      Maybe you should do as me and watch some older series instead?

      • shizuka says:

        As you say also in the novel Yozora is really annoying ( she is often really too aggressive) and also Meat (she seems really stupid most of the time…). The cutegirl-looking boy disappeared in the second half of the first novel and he’isn’t re-appeared yet. He’s a bit sypathetic^^

        Yes, maybe is better for me to turn towards older series. I’ve still pending Code Breaker (that is the last season) and Kamisama Hajimemashita (the same season) but somehow I’m not entusiast about them ( even if I’ve read the manga of both and I’ve quite appreciated them).
        I’m going to review my older wish lists to see if i missedn some good choice

  5. Overlord-G says:

    Happy New Year dood. Hope you had an enjoyable holiday season…anime notwithstanding.

    I look forward to more of your vintage criticisms.

    • Marow says:

      Happy New Year and I hope was as good for you as for me 🙂

      Vintage criticisms? What would you call other critics then? 😛

      • Overlord-G says:

        Well, your criticisms are what I know you for most after your one and only post in my HQ. Since then, what I’ve noticed most from you are nega reviews.

        • Marow says:

          Well, it’s easier to point out the faults 🙂

        • Overlord-G says:

          It’s the opposite for me. Then again, I’ve had a new outlook on life (Including what I watch) for quite some time. It may not get me to the top as quickly as being a typical internet grouch, but it makes me…a rare breed, I suppose. And if I’m not rare, whatever. I’m not getting rid of my optimism for others’ amusement.

          Whatever, both our reviewing styles are working for each of us. It’s just your nega-reviews attract more people because, like you said, it’s so easy to bash stuff.

  6. Kai says:

    Pretty hyper for someone who’s planning to skip out most of the Winter anime 😀

  7. Dango_Warrior says:

    ARMS animating Maoyuu can be a good thing since seeing ARMS as the studio instantly lowers the expectations A LOT, which in turn increases the possibility of it exceeding expectations. (optimism ftw!)
    The music in the preview was good though, and the art (particularly the bg art) is quite good imo. And it’s also directed by Spice and Wolf’s director.

    • Marow says:

      Well, that actually makes sense! (doubt I would have much expectations if another studio, like Bones, did it, though)

      You’re looking forward to it, I take it? 🙂

      • Dango_Warrior says:

        Wasn’t expecting much when I read that ARMS is animating it. But after seeing the preview, yes.
        I’ll watch Chihayafuru S2, Sasami-san, Tamako Market, AKB0048, and Maoyuu. Though I watch almost all 1st episodes every season in case there’s something good I didn’t pick.

  8. Nopy says:

    I was pretty disappointed when looking at the line-up this season. Hopefully some of them will turn out better than they sound. If not, at least I have a backlog of a dozen different series to watch.

    • Marow says:

      So far, the only thing I am really interested in is Yama no Susume (5 min series) and Sasami-san (it got mixed opinions). The rest ranges from blargh to fine.

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