12 Days of Christmas 2014 #04 – No Game No Life and Materialization Shiritori


I had a blast watching No Game No Life. It spews energy out of the computer screen and grabbed my attention within the first few minutes and didn’t let go until it ended. With each new episode is manages to outdo itself in mere zaniness and its humor appears never quite when you expect it to, often resulting in it being all the more hilarious.

The episode that encapsulates the spirit of No Game No Life is the sixth, in which a game of materialization shiritori takes place. I will not give any details as to what happens and I urge you readers to go watch it (and the series) right now.

Materialization shiritori is, to put it lightly, hilariously insane.

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2014 #04 – No Game No Life and Materialization Shiritori

  1. Namhur says:

    The Shiritori was also my favorite game, it was very over the top insane. But unfortunately my enoyment was somewhat ruined by the ecchiness and the fact that our characters became NAKED as they play.

    I know they cut out the *nude* part, but still….

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Even though the games and the gloriously orgasmic amount of purple were highlights on this show what really made this show awesome was seeing “Blank” and their opponents planning their next moves, or in “Blank”s case plan ahead. It was fun seeing how our heroes and their opponents pondered a way out of predicaments and again in “Blank”s case see their victory mapped out step by step even when it seems they were driven into a corner.
    Also KuraFi FTW!

  3. Overlord-G says:

    As for the shiritori game itself I am sure educated viewers jizzed at the amount of knowledge spewed during the match. Also it confirmed something that I noticed in a certain other show I liked: You want to get away with PG-13 nudity, don’t draw nipples or crotches.

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