Christmas Calendar 2011 – Toradora 02 – Stuff

When you really love something, you could talk about it for an eternity. So when watching from episode three to eight, I struggled with exactly what I would talk about in my next post. Then I came up with an excuse idea I had never thought of before. Why not just talk about it all, but really short and compromised? Well, here we are now. I will do a proper post in a few days about episode seven and eight, so you do not think I am completely lazy! Oh well, onto the big mass of pictures now, shall we?

Chapter 1

It has been stopped in the airport though he tried to take the unusual one home from the foreign country.
The unusual one was called in the world that meant the tiger in the country.
After all, the wish did not have to be fulfilled though he wanted to take it home to my country by all means, and to show it to the king.
The story was heard, and the king came to want it from man who returned home by all means though he was unusual.
The king did not listen to his word. Though he desperately persuaded his king when the unusual one was everyone’s one.
However, the unusual one was only one man already in those days.

What is this I don’t even.

Sorry, that was bad.

The Takasu Mold-killing Buster!

We all know that Ryuuji is a cleaning freak, but now he has secret techniques too!? I sadly do not remember learning the other 47 during the show, it might have been helpful…

Good question Ryuuji, good question. Sudoh-Bucks. Hah. Be sure to read Nopy’s lovely post about “Parodied Brand Names in Anime“!

Kitamura is a machochist, that is for sure. I hope he will find a proper sadist so that he can be forever happy. Do your best, Kitamura!

Notice Taiga’s eyes in the scene above? As mentioned in my last post, a big part of Toradora is to show and let the viewers make up their own ideas, not to tell them every little detail. This scene is another example of that. At first, Taiga is staring forward, out in the open. But when Ami reaches out to Ryuuji, she looks at him for a short while, before staring forward again. The details are a big part of Toradora, but they are easy to miss. And details are very important in my opinion, so whenever I see them in anime, I cannot help but feel happy. More studios should focus on the details!